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Apr 17, 2014

Irritation Around Dog's Eye & Mouth

About two weeks ago we noticed a redness above our dog’s eye. It appeared that some fur was scraped off so we thought that he might have run into a rose

Continue reading "Irritation Around Dog's Eye & Mouth"

Apr 02, 2014

Dog's Eye is Red Made Worse By Continued Scratching

My dog seems to be scratching her own eye. Once she starts scratching she doesn't stop until I tear her paw away. Not only is the eye really red, her

Continue reading "Dog's Eye is Red Made Worse By Continued Scratching"

Mar 30, 2014

3 Half Dollar Sized, Flat Red Patches with White Center on Dog's Groin, Rear Armpit and Neck

Our dog Otis has 3 half-dollar sized rashes with flat, round red-patches and white centers - one on his rear armpit, one closer to the center of his groin

Continue reading "3 Half Dollar Sized, Flat Red Patches with White Center on Dog's Groin, Rear Armpit and Neck"

Mar 26, 2014

Dog Skin Rash Has Moved to Underside and Legs

I first noticed a problem with my dog's skin on Sunday. After a little research I realized that she had hives. Her fur was raised out in nickel and quarter

Continue reading "Dog Skin Rash Has Moved to Underside and Legs"

Mar 24, 2014

Harness Rash on Dog's Armpits

Today we took my dog to the dog beach for the first time, and she was wearing her harness as she was swimming. She now has rashes only under her armpits

Continue reading "Harness Rash on Dog's Armpits"

Mar 20, 2014

Dog with Tender, Warm and Enlarged Teat Is Having Difficulty Urinating

I noticed an enlarged teat (left side closest to hind leg) on my dog in November when we were taking her to the vet frequently for anal gland infections.

Continue reading "Dog with Tender, Warm and Enlarged Teat Is Having Difficulty Urinating"

Mar 17, 2014

Dark & Puffy Irritation Ring & Hair Loss Around Dog's Eye

My dog Blake seems to get this eye irritation (see photos) from time to time, but it never fully goes away. He has had the problem for over a year. His

Continue reading "Dark & Puffy Irritation Ring & Hair Loss Around Dog's Eye"

Mar 16, 2014

Soft Pink Growth on Dog's Belly is Getting Bigger

When my dog Cali was about two years old she had a small (1/8th - 1/4 in) growth on her side / belly. It was covered by her short fur though so I was unable

Continue reading "Soft Pink Growth on Dog's Belly is Getting Bigger"

Mar 01, 2014

Dog Hair Loss & Weight Loss Out of Nowhere

This is my dog Isack. He recently began to lose hair. It is mostly on his face, underbelly, and legs. He does have some scaly spots up by his neck. At

Continue reading "Dog Hair Loss & Weight Loss Out of Nowhere"

Feb 19, 2014

Dog's recurring diarrhea after multiple antibiotics treatments

We have a five-year-old golden retriever Max. Ever since he was a puppy he has always had issues with diarrhea. For the entire first year of his life,

Continue reading "Dog's recurring diarrhea after multiple antibiotics treatments"

Feb 17, 2014

Lesion on My Dog's Front Leg

The lesion in the photo has been apparent for about a month. My dog is always licking it, it does not seem to bother her if you touch it and it does appear

Continue reading "Lesion on My Dog's Front Leg"

Feb 12, 2014

Recommended Dog Multi-vitamin & Joint Supplement

I want to start adding multi-vitamins to her diet and a joint supplement as well. She has luxating patella in both back legs. Last year they said she had

Continue reading "Recommended Dog Multi-vitamin & Joint Supplement"

Feb 10, 2014

Traveling Abroad Without All Dog Vaccinations

My father has a Service Dog which we do not vaccinate due to prior vaccinosis. We are gonna be traveling to the US Virgin islands and back to Puerto Rico

Continue reading "Traveling Abroad Without All Dog Vaccinations"

Feb 05, 2014

Dog's Recurring Hair Loss, Sores and Painful, Bleeding Skin

A year ago I adopted my 3 year old pekingese from an animal shelter. When I got him he had all of his hair and seemed healthy. But a little after I noticed

Continue reading "Dog's Recurring Hair Loss, Sores and Painful, Bleeding Skin"

Feb 03, 2014

Is My Dog's Growth Serious?

I have a 2 year old Puggle that has a growth on one of her hind legs. It's on the muscular part of the leg and we noticed the growth start a couple months

Continue reading "Is My Dog's Growth Serious?"

Jan 31, 2014

Update on Dog's Ear Wart

Update on Penny's ear growth: I purchased the Thuya in the 6c potency because they did not have the 12. I put 2 pellets in a dropper with spring water

Continue reading "Update on Dog's Ear Wart"

Jan 29, 2014

Dog's Stained Teeth Won't Get Clean!

Two years ago our dog Gimmel had problems with his teeth being so stained despite all the special water additives and dental sticks that we purchased.

Continue reading "Dog's Stained Teeth Won't Get Clean!"

Jan 27, 2014

Black Growth on Dog's Ear

Blackish Wart/Growth on the ear that sometimes bleeds, has been there for approx. 6 months. Dog is a Yorkshire terrier and is 11 years old.

Continue reading "Black Growth on Dog's Ear"

Jan 24, 2014

Dog Liver Enzymes Are High

One of my dogs (age 6) had been getting fat, so I took her to 2 vets because she was drinking lots of water and was very anxious. Her liver enzymes were

Continue reading "Dog Liver Enzymes Are High"

Jan 22, 2014

Open Wound on Dog's Neck That Won't Heal

I noticed an open wound on my dog's neck about a week ago. On two separate nights about a day apart, I used peroxide to clean the wound and I used neosporine

Continue reading "Open Wound on Dog's Neck That Won't Heal"

Jan 08, 2014

Dog Wart Under Jaw

My dog, a 3 yr old puggle has recently developed a wart under his jaw. I didn't think it was a cause for concern, but I feel like it has grown. I would

Continue reading "Dog Wart Under Jaw"

Jan 06, 2014

Calcium Supplementation for Raw Dog Food Diet

I am feeding my 8 week old lab puppy a homemade {cooked} diet from Dr. Pitcairn's book. While I realize that it is important to supplement with calcium

Continue reading "Calcium Supplementation for Raw Dog Food Diet"

Jan 03, 2014

Incessant Itching Dog Rash on Ears, Neck, Legs, Flank, Back, Abdomen

This is Charlie, my 5 year old red hound/lab rescue. He is usually in excellent health. However 2 weeks ago I noticed he started scratching constantly.

Continue reading "Incessant Itching Dog Rash on Ears, Neck, Legs, Flank, Back, Abdomen"

Dec 26, 2013

Dog with Green Eye Gook

I have a German Shepard mix who is 11 yrs old and recently started to get this huge green gook in her eyes. What could this be and what can I do to get

Continue reading "Dog with Green Eye Gook"

Dec 23, 2013

Dog with Skin Cancer & Punctured Tumors

I rescued this 13 year old Whippet and the vet says he has skin cancer. I don't want to put him to sleep because he's active and a very happy dog. But

Continue reading "Dog with Skin Cancer & Punctured Tumors"

Dec 20, 2013

Small Bump At Injection Point of Dog's Skin After Vaccination

I just recently adopted a Italian Greyhound and noticed a tiny bump on his skin a week after I vaccinated him. The bump is exactly where they injected

Continue reading "Small Bump At Injection Point of Dog's Skin After Vaccination"

Dec 16, 2013

Dog with Swollen Itchy Eye / Eyelid

My 10 year old female dog's right eye has been swollen for 3 days now. She rubs it with her paw. Benadryl gives her some relief, but when it wears off,

Continue reading "Dog with Swollen Itchy Eye / Eyelid"

Dec 13, 2013

Dog Licks Armpits Non-Stop & Has Black Smelly Skin There

For the past year or so, my dog has been licking her armpits non-stop, day and night. The skin under her short hair has turned very black. Her breath

Continue reading "Dog Licks Armpits Non-Stop & Has Black Smelly Skin There"

Dec 09, 2013

Holistic Treatment for Dog Eye Pannus

My 18 month old Border Collie Bennie was recently diagnosed with dog eye pannus (see attached photos). The dark brown spot is at the 8 o'clock- 9 o'clock

Continue reading "Holistic Treatment for Dog Eye Pannus"

Dec 06, 2013

Bumps or Warts Near Dog's Genitals

These wart-looking bumps (see photo) were found near my dog's genitals. Over the last few weeks we have noticed a few more of them. They are only on the

Continue reading "Bumps or Warts Near Dog's Genitals"

Dec 04, 2013

Growth Between Dog's Paw Pads

I just noticed a growth (see pic) between the bottom of my dog's toe pads on her rear foot. It looks like a nail growth but not as firm/hard as a nail.

Continue reading "Growth Between Dog's Paw Pads"

Dec 02, 2013

How to Prevent Dog Cancer from Returning

How can I prevent our dog's cancer from returning? Our 5-year-old golden retriever Max was diagnosed with a 1.5cm diameter mast cell tumor (MCT) on

Continue reading "How to Prevent Dog Cancer from Returning"

Nov 27, 2013

Growth on Dog's Anus & Anal Gland Problems

My vet recently discovered a small black bump on the left side of my dogs anus. Last year in October I took my dog Oscar to a new vet (Oscar is a 10

Continue reading "Growth on Dog's Anus & Anal Gland Problems"

Nov 22, 2013

Bad Acne All Over Dog's Body

I have a 5 month old male Thai Ridge Back pedigree with a very bad pimple-like acne rash all over his body except his face. I live in Thailand and this

Continue reading "Bad Acne All Over Dog's Body"

Nov 15, 2013

Dog Wart on Ear Appeared 2 Weeks Ago

This wart appeared on our dog Ritka's ear about 2 weeks ago. We took her to the vet 10 days ago to find out what it could be. The vet thought that possibly

Continue reading "Dog Wart on Ear Appeared 2 Weeks Ago"

Nov 13, 2013

Senior Dog Falls Over Like a Tree Falling

Less than a week ago, I was approaching my front door with my dog, Theo. He was in the living room standing. Suddenly, he just fell down, like a tree falling

Continue reading "Senior Dog Falls Over Like a Tree Falling"

Nov 13, 2013

Swollen, Red Bump on Top of Dog's Paw

I noticed a small, dime-sized bump on the top of my 9 year old Belgium Sheepdog's paw earlier this week. It seemed to have come out of nowhere, and all

Continue reading "Swollen, Red Bump on Top of Dog's Paw"

Nov 11, 2013

Dog Urine Is Darker and Has Blood

Within the last week my dog's urination frequency has increased by 3 times. When I let her out at night she will seem to urinate well over 15-20 seconds

Continue reading "Dog Urine Is Darker and Has Blood"

Nov 08, 2013

Small Hard Dog Lumps All Over Body

About a week after I got my dog, he started to get lumps over his back and rump and the sides of his back legs. To me it looked like insect bites. I consulted

Continue reading "Small Hard Dog Lumps All Over Body"

Nov 06, 2013

Photo: Dog Wart, Tumor or Something Else?

We identified this lump on my 10 year old dog's ear. It was originally very small and white a few months ago, and now its turning black and growing a

Continue reading "Photo: Dog Wart, Tumor or Something Else?"

Nov 01, 2013

Dog's Eyes Cloudy, Trouble Seeing, Vision Deteriorating

I noticed my dog has a cloudy film around his eyes with a reddish tint as you can see in the picture. He doesn't seem to be in any pain, but he definitely

Continue reading "Dog's Eyes Cloudy, Trouble Seeing, Vision Deteriorating"

Sep 30, 2013

Dog Has Small Skin Patches with Hair Loss

My dog has small skin patches with hair loss on his right side just behind his front leg near his ribs. He doesn't itch it at all, and they don't seem

Continue reading "Dog Has Small Skin Patches with Hair Loss"

Sep 27, 2013

Growth on Underside of Dog's Ear

This growth with rigid (not smooth) surface appeared about 3 weeks ago. Two or 3 days prior I gave Penny a bath and I would have thought I would have

Continue reading "Growth on Underside of Dog's Ear"

Sep 23, 2013

Dog's UPC Results - Protein Numbers High

I have a recently rescued a bull terrier about 2yrs old. The vet did some analysis and here are the UPC results. I notice that the protein was high...

Continue reading "Dog's UPC Results - Protein Numbers High"

Sep 20, 2013

Dog Third Eyelid Inflammation & Mucousy Eye Discharge

For a few months my 134 pound Mastiff/Black Lab mix has had irritated eyes, with third lid showing. Also a mucousy discharge. Have been to vet. Used

Continue reading "Dog Third Eyelid Inflammation & Mucousy Eye Discharge"

Sep 13, 2013

Giardia in Dogs & Puppies - Diagnosis & Treatment

Our conventional vet is great but only provides standard methods of treatment for giardia in dogs (wormer and flagyl). Our puppy is on what they told me

Continue reading "Giardia in Dogs & Puppies - Diagnosis & Treatment"

Sep 12, 2013

Dog Not Able to Hold Food or Water Down

We rescued a 3 year old Maltese female named Sugar. Last week she was vomiting and very sickly. We took her to our vet and they told us she had hook worms.

Continue reading "Dog Not Able to Hold Food or Water Down"

Sep 11, 2013

Senior Dog Losing Control of Bladder

I'm experiencing some relatively new issues these days with my dog. Last Friday, we celebrated 14 years together. He's always been able to hold his pee

Continue reading "Senior Dog Losing Control of Bladder"

Sep 09, 2013

Growth on Dog's Back Inner Legs/Groin with Rash

A growth has come about on my dog Tonka's inner back thigh or groin and I have never noticed it before, can't really say how long he has had it. He has

Continue reading "Growth on Dog's Back Inner Legs/Groin with Rash"

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