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Cause and Effect of Obesity
Before tackling obesity with surgery or less invasive means, it is important to understand what you're up against. Does fast food cause obesity? Is there such a thing as an obesity virus? Are obesity and genetics related? This section covers everything you need to know about why people are obese along with obesity's emotional and physical consequences.

Bariatric Treatment
From learning how to calculate BMI and what it means to determining whether surgery is right for you to figuring out your next steps, this page is a great place to start your weight loss surgery research. 

Types of Weight Loss Surgery
Start here if you are already certain that you fit the profile for surgery (we recommend starting on the bariatric treatment page if you’ve just recently started looking into weight loss surgery).

Potential procedures include...

Life after weight loss surgery
This page will guide you towards a better understanding of your post-surgery life and how to reach and maintain your weight loss surgery goals, including recovering from surgery, health implications, relationships, pregnancy after weight loss surgery, plastic surgery after weight loss, weight gain after bariatric surgery, weight loss surgery support groups, online weight loss support and real-life patient experiences.

Cost of Bariatric Surgery
Learn what each surgery costs both in the United States and around the world.

Find out how to reduce the cost of surgery through insurance, financing, tax breaks and unerstand where you're money's going.

Financing Bariatric Surgery & Weight Loss Surgery Insurance
If you’ve already chosen your procedure or if you’re trying to figure out whether you can afford weight loss surgery and treatment, start here.

We’ve covered it all, including tax implications, your unique financing options, ways to keep the overall price down, Medicare bariatric surgery and bariatric surgery insurance ( including VBG, DS, gastric bypass and lap band insurance ).

Bariatric Surgery Complications & Bariatric Surgery Risks
Worried about whether or not surgery is safe?

Review and compare the complete list of possible complications, their treatments, ways to avoid them and which apply to each type of surgery.

Bariatric Diet
Regardless of which type of weight loss surgery you choose, your diet will change significantly forever. This section will help you understand those changes.

Topics include what your new diet will look like, how to stick to it, which bariatric vitamins you’ll need, bariatric recipes recommended by doctors and patients and the right bariatric eating techniques to avoid problems.

Analysis & Cost of Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery
We’ve devoted an entire section of our site to the most popular and current "gold standard" weight loss surgery procedure.

You’ll find everything you need, including gastric bypass video demonstrations, information about the cost of gastric bypass surgery, diet for gastric bypass and diet after gastric bypass surgery, complications of gastric bypass surgery and finding the right gastric bypass surgeon.

Analysis & Cost of Lap Band Surgery
The second most common type of weight loss surgery also has its own section with similar information, including the gastric lap band procedure, lap band surgery results, the lap band diet and how to avoid lap band surgery failure, lap band problems and lap band complications.

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  1. Recommendations throughout this site are not necessarily based on the opinions of a single bariatric surgeon. Rather, they are based on research and studies published in  peer-reviewed medical journals and/or clinical research databases or based on general industry consensus as verified through non-profit organizations dedicated to furthering the effectiveness of weight loss surgery and/or to reducing the negative consequences of obesity.