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Tearing Eyes in My Chihuahua

by Katherine
(White Plains, NY)

My dog Ricky has been having both eyes tearing and staining his fur for about a year now.

One of the eyes, the one that's stained a bit more, is a little red. The other one has no redness, but still tears a lot. He is not light sensitive and not rubbing them with his paws.

He is a male Chihuahua, 9 years old, not neutered ( lucky guy ;) )
He is active and still very playful.
Diet: combination of home prepared food, like lean ground beef/ meatloaf+ white/ brown rice+ peas/carrots (with tiny tiny bit of sea salt and onion powder for flavor) and Science Diet caned food for a change (the only brand of dog food he would eat)

We live with cats, Ricky of course likes stealing their dry food sometimes, which he gets scolded for ( he won't eat any dry food for dogs, only 5 times a year tops). I thought he might be allergic to something in cats food or cat's fur, but even when he is isolated from cats for extended time, the problem persists.
I bought Angels Eyes and used it for almost two weeks daily, but it had no effect whatsoever.
( I had mild tear problem with him years ago, and Angels Eyes did the magic that time).

I clean his eyes with green tea, it works better than Angel Eyes, but not for long.
Please help.

Thank you!

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Feb 04, 2015
My Online Vet Response for: Tearing Eyes in My Chihuahua
by: Dr Carol Jean Tillman

February 4, 2015

Hi Katherine,
Number one, STOP the onion powder. Onions can cause hemolytic anemia in dogs.

And NO dry dog food for Ricky and NO dry cat food for your cats! Feed your cats canned or a raw diet. Check out RAD CAT raw food for your cats.

I feel there are better canned foods than Science Diet. See our page on 10 Best Dog Food Options,

Cooking for him is fine. There are some great recipes in Dr Richard Pitcairn's book, 'Natural Health for Dogs and Cats'. He suggests feeding raw meat, (no raw pork or raw fish), but cooking the grains and vegetables. Raw meat contains Vitamin C, which may be lacking in Ricky's diet. Dogs make their own Vitamin C, unlike humans, (we must have it in our diet every day). But if Ricky has had a chronic issue with this tear drainage, he may not be producing enough vitamin C to help his immune system.

Annual or every 3 year vaccinations will adversely affect the immune system. I suggest you seek the help of a holistic veterinarian to write an exemption form for Ricky.

For his eyes, you can use Sweet Almond Oil, 2-3 drops into the inner corners, two times daily. This will help to soothe the tissues, and decrease the tear staining of his hair. As the tears will flow over the oil.

Chronic tear drainage in some short nosed breeds, can be a hereditary problem. To decrease it as much as possible may require homeopathic prescribing for his 'constitution'. This would require an exam by a holistic veterinarian.

Click here to find a holistic veterinarian in your area. Another resource for vets knowledgeable in homeopathy is

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Take care,
Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

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