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Sudden flare up of irritated skin with red bumps all over dog's body

by Carolyn
(Squamish, BC, Canada)

Red Belly... Irritated Body

Red Belly... Irritated Body

My 15 month old Golden Doodle is very uncomfortable. I first noticed her loose stool at the beginning of a long walk the day before yesterday.

Starting suddenly yesterday, she is itching herself constantly and seems to have developed very sensitive skin in the past 24 hrs. If I pet certain areas, she twitches or thumps her foot (intensely more than regular). She has visible red raised spots all over her... with larger raised bumps on her back.

Her diet hasn't changed. Her stools became very loose yesterday, and she seemed unable to have a solid movement. She was up most of the night scratching and biting at herself. Eventually she threw up, though this morning the bumps are still present, as is her discomfort.

Please offer advice on cause & treatment.

Thank you for helping me and Lucy.

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Dec 21, 2013
"My Online Vet Response to: Sudden flare up of irritated skin with red bumps all over dog's body”
by: Dr. Lisa Brienen

Hello Carolyn, If your dog is still having soft stools you can give her 1 capsule slippery elm twice daily and add 1 tsp per 10 lb body weight of pumpkin puree to food twice daily. She is definitely reacting to something – a food allergy makes sense since she is having both digestive and skin symptoms, however she could be allergic to something else.

Use a flea comb to make sure she has no fleas – look especially around the lower back for little dark grainy flea dirt.

For a few days give her a bland diet. If she’s not obviously allergic to chicken – make a chicken broth, strain and mix into overcooked white rice and add some chicken. You can also use the broth to cook vegetables (chopped carrots, celery, cauliflower are some ideas – cook for 20 minutes). Or you can give baked yam mashed with some low fat cottage cheese.

Start probiotics (Proviable DC and Vetri-mega probiotics are good options) there are a number of studies to indicate that keeping the digestion healthy results in fewer allergies.

There are several studies regarding the antihistamine properties of grape seed extract. I like the Animal Health Options product, Proanthazone, which also contains a number of other antioxidants. The dose of Proanthocyanodin / Grape seed extract is 50 mg per 50 lbs per day (double the dose the first week).

Fish oils have been found to decrease inflammation throughout the body. She could also eat ½ tin of sardines twice a week. Nordic Naturals, Grizzly and Iceland Pure are a few of the brands I suggest. I think 1000mg is a good amount each day or follow bottle instructions.

You can brew a batch of strong green tea and sponge down itchy spots as often as needed (fold a piece of paper towel to apply). Another option as a soothing application is a mixture of 25% witch hazel and 75% aloe vera juice.

A homeopathic remedy that might be of help in this situation is called Rhus tox 30C. Mix 2-3 pellets into ½ cup of spring or distilled water in a glass, stir before each dose. Give her 1 tsp orally. You may repeat it 8-12 hours later for another dose or two, but stop if you see signs of improvement or if you see a worsening of symptoms.

You may want to find a holistic vet to help you.

Click here to find a holistic veterinarian in your area. Another resource for vets knowledgeable in homeopathy is

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Sincerely, Dr. Lisa Brienen

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Dec 23, 2013
Allergic reaction all clear!
by: Carolyn

Thank you very much for your input. Lucy is feeling so much better now! I think that whatever she ate has moved through her, and her body is in repair. That is great info!

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