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When it comes to puppy dog toys, our motto is "the simpler the better". Puppies love just about anything you put in front of them, partly because the world is all brand new and exciting and also because their number one objective is to play!

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Dogue De Bordeaux Puppy Chewing on Toy, 15 Weeks
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Puppies will play with inert objects such as shoes and socks along with anything else lying around the house left at their disposal. So, the number one goal when shopping for puppy dog toys is to find things that will peak and maintain their interest which, in turn, will keep them away from your household items.

Toys that are too complicated or too difficult for the puppy to chew, paw or carry are not good options. Seek out toys that are simple and small plus squeaky and soft. Also, most importantly, make sure to purchase puppy dog toys made from organic and/or natural materials to start their life off on a healthy track!

A sneaky trick we played on our young puppy was to introduce a toy for a few days and then take it away for a few days. This way, when the toy was re-introduced, it was cherished like a brand new toy! This can save you money and your puppy will never know the secret.

Simply Fido Organic Plush Toys

For the young pup that is new to your home and might be missing its litter mates, this Organic Plush Toy from Simply Fido is a great cuddly and soft toy that also has a little ball inside for noise stimulation.

These plush toys are the perfect size for a young pup to cuddle up with and also carry around in its mouth.  There are five different adorable characters to choose from:

puppy dog toys
  1. Lolly the Lamb
  2. Oscar the Monkey
  3. Maggie the Caterpillar
  4. Wally the Bear
  5. Lucy the Rabbit

A few other things to know about this toy are:

  • It’s made from 100% organic fibers and all natural dyes
  • Each toy is about 10” long
  • he noise maker is removable
  • The toys are machine washable and durable
  • The price per toy is $19.29
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Planet Dog Li'l Pup Orbee-Tuff Bone

It’s not a question of, “Will your puppy be a chewer?” it’s more like, “What will your puppy chew up first?”

Providing your pup with plenty of safe, chewable bones like the Li’l Pup Orbee-Tuff Bone will help prevent the ruin of your precious possessions.

The Li’l Pup Orbee-Tuff bone is manufactured by the reputable Planet Dog Company and is made from their patented Orbee-Tuff material.  It is made to be softer then the adult dog bone, making it perfect for teething pups. 

Bones such as this are a better option than rawhide chews or other types of dog bones because it prevents your dog from digesting any materials that could choke or cause injury to a young puppy. Plus it’s made from completely natural, non-toxic materials which are 100% safe for your puppy.

puppy dog toys

The Li’l Pup Orbee-Tuff Bone is:

  • Non-Toxic and Recyclable
  • Rises clean in warm water
  • Perfect for freezing, which your teething pup will love
  • Durable yet soft enough for a puppy’s teeth
  • Available in two sizes: Small- 3.5” Large- 5”
  • Available in pink and blue
  • Price ranges from $6.49 to $10.99

This dog bone is an essential addition to your young puppy’s toy collection! Plus, Planet Dog donates 2% of EVERY sale to help support programs for dogs all over the country. So, buy a toy your puppy is sure to love while supporting a great cause.

Click here to purchase the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Bone.

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Puppy Cuddle Pal

For a brand new puppy, making the transition from mother and litter mates to a new and foreign home can be very scary.  But providing your new puppy with the right toys can make all the difference.

The Puppy Cuddle Pal is a small, soft toy filled with buckwheat that can be heated in the microwave and used as a simulated litter mate for your puppy while it sleeps.  The heat and gentle smell are perfect for cuddling when your puppy can’t sleep through the night or is simply feeling stressed.

We tried this toy out with our new puppy and it seemed to work quite well. We recommend this toy for smaller breeds because it only comes in one size and could be too small for a puppy of a larger breed.

Organic Puppy Food

Taylor Tips!

The cuddle pal helped me to relax and feel comforted on my first few nights in my new home.

The Puppy Cuddle Pal is:

  • Made from natural materials
  • Very soft with a chewable, knotted tail
  • Easily heated in the microwave and maintains heat for up to an hour
  • Outer cover is machine washable
  • Safe for continued use, simply heat and re-use
  • Available in one size and one color combination
  • Price is $9.29

Click here to purchase the PetStages Puppy Cuddle Pal Dog Toy.

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Puppy Kong Chew Toy

If you happen to keep track of the retail market for dogs, surely you’ve heard of the newest craze in dog toys called the Kong Chew Toy.  Thankfully, the makers of this popular dog chew toy have made a puppy sized version which is ideal for the small mouth and teeth of a young pup.

The concept of the Kong toy is simple; it has a cavity inside the rubbery shell where you insert your dog’s favorite treat or some type of food concoction.  Then your dog proceeds to use their muzzle, tongue and paws to access and eat the treat. 

There are many great recipes for the Kong Toys, and these can be inserted into the toy and frozen for hours of licking enjoyment for your puppy. 

The Puppy Kong Chew Toy also is

Classic Kong Chew Toy Small
  • Made from a safe rubber material
  • Bouncy plus easily carried in a puppy’s mouth
  • Made with a special teething rubber for growing pups
  • Chewing helps clean teeth and gums
  • Available in one size and one color
  • Price is $8.99
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