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Puppy Collars
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Dog Control Collars
This is the dog training category.  Click this link for an overview of each of the following 4 options, or click one of the following links if you know what you’re looking for.
Dog Fence Collar  Don’t worry, the ones we recommend don’t hurt as long as they are used correctly.
Shock Collar for Dogs Believe it or not, neither do these!
Gentle Leader Dog Leash A wonderful training tool, especially for more energetic dogs.
Bark Collar Dog Training The link says it all.
Dog Tracking Collars
Great collars if you’re worried about your dog getting lost.
Hemp Dog Collars
These environmentally friendly collars are a favorite at Organic Pet Digest.
Custom Dog Collars
If you’re looking for that extra special dog collar for your dog or as a gift, then look no further...
Personalized Dog Collar
Custom Leather Dog Collars
Dog Leashes
Small to Big Dog Leash Picks
Designer Dog Leashes
Gentle Leader Dog Leash Click here for puppies and here for adult dogs.

The Top 4 Puppy Collars

Making the right choice in puppy collars is a simple process with a few important considerations which vary according to your puppy’s temperament, size and tendencies.

Let’s start out by discerning between the two different types of collars you will need to train your puppy. 

  1. The first type of collar - Basic - is the collar most of us are familiar with…

A simple leather or woven flat-banded collar that acts as a holder for a puppy’s identification tag and rabies tag. It’s also useful when you need to grab a hold of your puppy to keep them back from something. Therefore, this basic puppy collar is meant for 24/7 wear around your dog’s neck. 

Whether you are seeking style, function or both, one our three recommendations below will do the trick.

  1. The second type of essential puppy collar - Puppy Training Collar -  is intended for use when walking or training.

This category of puppy collars includes choke collars, gentle leaders and harnesses. Through our research and experience, we are not going to recommend any options in the choke collar category simply because in our experience they don’t work that well.

Plus, if used incorrectly, they can pinch and injure the neck of your dog. There are many trainers who will say that choke collars work well and do no harm to the dog, which is for each individual owner to decide for herself. To be clear, we do not condemn the use of choke collars, we just choose not to recommend them to our readers.

We have found what we believe to be the best puppy training collar which is reviewed further down the page.

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Basic Puppy Collars

So, are you anxious to purchase a new puppy collar that will fit both your pup’s neck and personality?!

There are a few important things to keep in mind when shopping for a basic puppy collar. Review these tips, then check out the top 3 below to find your perfect match...


The size of your puppy’s collar is important. If it’s too big, your puppy will wiggle its way right out of it. If it’s too small, it will hurt and possibly injure its neck. Dog collar sizes like Small, Medium and Large are usually designed with a 2 inch difference in length. When in doubt, go with the larger size and create a custom hole that fits your puppy. The puppy collar is the correct size if you can fit two fingers in between the puppy’s neck and the collar. This holds true all the way through the life of your dog.


The width of the collar depends entirely on the size of your puppy. For larger breeds such as Labs, Goldens or Boxers, you are going to want a wider collar to fit their strong neck. For smaller breeds like yorkies or toy poodles, a thinner collar will be more suitable for their smaller necks.


For larger breeds, the weight of a thick leather collar will most likely be no issue, but for smaller breeds, the weight of the collar can be an important consideration. Puppies of a small breed often have tiny necks that might not support a heavy leather collar. For this reason, collars made from lightweight woven fibers tend to be a better option. 


Since your dog will be wearing this collar around its neck every day, it is best to avoid collars made out of synthetic fibers. They are not as gentle when rubbing against the skin and in some cases can even cause skin problems. Opt for collars made from all-natural organic materials. 

Our Basic Puppy Collar Recommendations

1. Eco Friendly Zen Collar

puppy collars

These dog collars are made from natural fibers and earth-friendly materials. They are the perfect option for those seeking form, function and style. 

There are five uniquely designed dog collars available, each with it’s own character. They are manufactured with a cork overlay, which provides extra strength and are decorated using organic dyes. 

They are available in three sizes, fitting dogs between 10 lbs and 80 lbs. The price range is $10 - $20.

Click here for additional details and to purchase the Eco Friendly Zen Collar.

2. Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Adjustable Collar

puppy collars

This collar is the ultimate in strength, comfort and durability.

Planet Dog promises that this collar will stand up to “rigorous salt-water swims, mud puddle baths, snowy romps and the occasional roll in the sand.”

This collar is suitable for large or small breed dogs, and stands out among the competition for one main reason….comfort! This collar is fleece lined which makes it super soft against your dog’s skin.

The Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Collar’s product qualities include:

  • Made with an incredibly strong, nylon reinforced, quick release buckle for extra durability
  • 100% natural hemp and fleece material
  • Available in three colors and designs
  • Matching leads also available from Planet Dog
  • Available in three sizes, with widths for both small and large breeds
  • Price ranges from $ 17.99 - $19.99

Click here to purchase the Planet Dog Cozy Hemp Adjustable Collar.

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Puppy Training Collars

When we got our first young puppy, we were very excited to start puppy training classes. We were lucky enough to have a local trainer who was very well respected and well known in the world of dog training. It turned out to be an excellent learning experience and was the first time we were introduced to the Gentle Leader dog training collar.

In that same class, there were 6 black labs all born from the same litter and all bursting with energy. The owners of these black labs claimed they could not walk with their new dogs because of the constant pulling and jumping. The trainer told them each to go out that same night and purchase Gentle Leader puppy collars.

The next week, we all rolled into the classroom with our respective puppies and all six of the black lab owners smiled and agreed, “You were right, this training collar has changed our lives…We can walk down the street in a calm manner without the pulling or jumping, with virtually no pain or suffering for the dog…this thing is great!”

Our Puppy Training Collar Recommendations

Premier Gentle Leader Headcollar

Premier Gentle Leader Headcollar Black, Small

Whether you have a small bouncy dog or a big strong puller of a dog, the Gentle Leader is a great option to help control their behavior while walking. So, you’re probably wondering how this miracle harness/collar works?

According to the manufactures of the Gentle Leader:

“The Gentle Leader works with your dog's natural instincts. Dogs pull on standard collars and harnesses because of their instinct to move into pressure. The Gentle Leader's unique design works in two ways: The Nose Loop encircles your dog's muzzle. Like a halter on a horse, it allows you to guide the nose and head, and the body naturally follows.

The Neck Strap fits high on the back of the neck. The unique design applies pressure to the back of the neck rather than the front of the throat reducing your dog's drive to pull forward and eliminates any choking. This means an end to leash-pulling forever!

The Gentle Leader is not a muzzle! In fact, when fitted properly, your dog can open his mouth to eat, drink, pant, fetch and bark - except when you pull on the leash to close his mouth. The Gentle Leader won't choke your dog either. It gives you control with humane restraint - pressure is applied at the back of the neck instead of the front of the throat.”

The Gentle Leader is available in three sizes, S-M-L, fitting dogs from 5 lbs to 130 lbs and costs $19.99.

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