Top Professional Dog Grooming Supplies

Purchasing professional dog grooming supplies can mean the difference between an average groom and a show-dog worthy style…  plus you don’t have to pay a lot extra if you know where to look!

Below are our reviews of the highest-value supplies and where to find them at the lowest cost…

Therapet Portable Grooming Table

The Therapet Portable Grooming Table is a great addition to your dog grooming supplies because it can be used in your home, out on your patio or can be folded up and placed in your car for on-the-go use.

professional dog grooming supplies

We were impressed with how sturdy yet lightweight it was, and it’s extremely easy to open and close for pet-friendly travel

Here are a few important product qualities that stood out…

  • Table uses stainless steel materials
  • Table top is made from a non-slip, durable surface (24’ L x 18’ W x 30’ H)
  • Table legs are fitted with non-slip pads
  • Table weight is 30 lbs and it can hold up to 60 lbs
  • Price is $69.99 through
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Dog Grooming Scissors

Depending on which parts of the body you want to trim, you can’t go wrong with any of these (links will take you further down the page)…

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Miller's Forge Curved Grooming Scissors

Millers Forge Curved Blade Pet Grooming Scissors (5.5

These scissors are a safe and effective way to trim the tricky areas of the face, ears and paws. 

The curved blade is much safer to use around sensitive areas since there is no sharp point at the end of the blade. These scissors are also shorter in length than average scissors, which makes trimming much easier and more exact.

In addition, we found the stainless steel construction to be extremely lightweight and comfortable in the hand. 

You can get them online through PetCo (which was the least expensive we could find online) for $9.37 per pair. 

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Miller's Forge Thinning Pet Grooming Scissors

Millers Forge Thinning Pet Grooming Scissors (7

Thinning scissors are excellent at removing mats on both short and long-haired dogs. They are also great for overall use and general trimming when you don’t want to make a sharp, definite line with your regular scissors. 

The Millers Forge Thinning Pet Grooming Scissors are made of high-quality, heat-treated high carbon steel. Plus, they are hand-ground, polished and edged to ensure a quality, long lasting tool.  

We tested them on the toughest mats we could find in our local grooming shop and had no problems cutting through them.

The least expensive pair we could find was through PetCo for about $15.

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Four Paws Pet Products Ear Trimming Scissors

This pair of grooming scissors is made especially for trimming the inside of a dog’s ears.

The finger holes are large enough for your fingers to fit but the blades are quite small and precise.  This will allow you to trim the hair inside of the ear without nicking the ear itself. 

As with the other two pairs, these scissors are easy and comfortable to use and cut accurately when and where we wanted.

You can find them online at Amazon.

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