Pneumonia in Dogs - Treating & Preventing It Naturally

Pneumonia in dogs usually occurs after a prolonged upper respiratory illness such as canine kennel cough, but sometimes there is no predisposing factor that can be identified.

It can be caused by a virus or bacteria and can occur in any age or breed of dog. The symptoms usually start with fever (over 103° F / 39.4° C), lethargy, decreased appetite, runny nose and coughing.

Treatment of Pneumonia in Dogs

Conventional treatment of dog pneumonia is usually with drugs to treat the fever, suppress the cough and treat the bacteria (if it was caused by bacteria). These treatments are not recommended as they only serve to suppress the symptoms which are the body’s natural way of fighting off the illness.

Instead of drugs or conventional cough syrup, help your dog’s body fight the illness using natural, holistic means:

  • Plenty of rest
  • Plenty of fluids
  • Fast your dog (no food) for two to three days following appropriate dog fasting guidelines. This will divert your dog’s energy away from digesting food and towards fighting off the dog pneumonia.
  • Administer vaporizer treatment or place your dog in a steam-filled bathroom
  • Supplementing their diet with vitamin E for dogs and vitamin C for dogs
  • Consider using a homeopathic remedy to relieve coughing and sneezing, clear the chest and support the immune system. KC-Defense from PetAlive is a good option.
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Dog Pneumonia Prevention

First, keep your dog as isolated as possible since the infection can spread to other pets or even humans.

Bolstering your dog’s immune system by following the Organic-Pet-Digest-supported approach of a healthy dog food diet, appropriate dog dietary supplementation, minimal dog vaccinations, good dog dental hygiene, plenty of exercise and lots of love is your best bet towards keeping your dog pneumonia-free!

dog pneumonia

Taking extra precautions before your dog will be around a lot of other dogs - such as before boarding or if your dog frequents the dog park - is also a good idea. Naturally boosting their immune system through supplements such as KC-Defense (as mentioned above) is a good preventive measure to take.

If you're not sure whether your dog has pneumonia or some other illness, click here to ask us through our My Online Vet Ask-the-Veterinarian service, you can submit a picture of your dog dog along with details about their condition, including:

dog pneumonia
  • Your dog’s breed, age and gender
  • Your dog's lifestyle, including diet, exercise and interaction with other dogs
  • The progression of the illness (timeframe, change in behavior and symptoms)
  • Advice you have received from others, if any
  • What you have done to try to fix the problem, if anything
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