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Before sharing ourĀ favorite dog care and pet affiliate programs, it is important to remember that you must ALWAYS have the best interests of your customers and patrons in mind when choosing an affiliate.

Organic Pet Digest only moves forward with an affiliate if the answer to ALL of the following questions is an "absolute yes"...

  1. Do they offer products that promote the overall health of dogs?
  2. When possible and realistic, do they offer products that are organic and natural?
  3. Do they promote ethical and environmentally conscious manufacturers?
  4. Are their products of high quality and do they receive favorable reviews from actual customers?
  5. Is their site user-friendly, easy to navigate and secure for customers?
  6. Are their costs competitive?

As a secondary consideration, the affiliate programs should offer competitive commission levels and robust reporting capabilities.

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Now back to pet-specific affiliates.

Following are the dog care and pet affiliate programs that we participate in. Click the links to jump down to our review or just scroll down the page to review them all...

PetAlive from Native Remedies

pet affiliatePetAlive believes that the best approach to treatment may be a combination of traditional medicine, herbal/homeopathic remedies, and always due attention to lifestyle - healthy eating, sleeping and exercise habits.

Treatment for typical conditions can often be safer and more effective with the use of herbal and homeopathic treatments, avoiding the often debilitating effects of pharmaceutical medications.

PetAlive from Native Remedies provides a range of herbal, homeopathic and nutraceutical remedies to help with a variety of ailments commonly experienced by pets.

They also have a very competitive pet affiliate program:

  • 25% commission on each direct sale
  • Lifetime commissions (as long as a customer found Pet Alive through your site, you will receive 25% commission on ALL of their future purchases)
  • Receive full credit for phone sales
  • Robust reporting and a complete list of professional banners and links

Click here to learn more about and join the PetAlive Pet Affiliate Program.

PetsBest Pet Insurance

pet affiliatePets Best Insurance is a reputable company with competitive prices and flexible plans that's backed by a financially sound insurance company. Their web site is polished, professional and user-friendly, their customer service is top notch and their plans have no age restrictions.

If you're looking for a traditional pet insurance company to recommend, your visitors will not be disappointed.

For you, their commissions are competitive ($1.55 per quote request regardless of whether the referral actually signs up; plus this amount can be negotiated to a higher amount as your referral volume increases), and their user interface and reporting tools are second to none.

Click here to learn more about and join the PetsBest Pet Insurance Affiliate Program.

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