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Fungus on Dog's Belly & Rash Around Groin

by Pieter van Wensveen
(Vilcabamba, Ecuador )

Six months ago our dog started to get a weird rash on his belly and we took him to the vet. They tested it, diagnosed it as a fungus and gave us some pills. We tried it for about two weeks, but we stopped giving them and went on to MMS, (magical miracle solution), which seems to be really good stuff. We gave this for a while, and it seemed to get rid of it.

Now we are 6 weeks further down the road, and it has gotten a lot worse. His whole belly is reddish, and he has these puzzie spots , and a rash around his groin area.

We would love for him to get better and stop itching.

We also got him off the dog food and are cooking a meal for him twice a day, always with some chicken, fish, or cooked meat. Is it better to cook the meat?

By the way, our dog is a 10 month old Siberian husky/chow mix.

Hopefully you can help us.

Cheers and much love from Ecuador,


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Sep 26, 2011
My Online Vet Response for Fungus on dog's Belly & Rash around Groin
by: Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

Hi Pieter in Ecuador!
From the photos you sent of your 10 month old Siberian Husky Chow, and that the skin problem started 6 months ago, would mean that he started with a skin condition at 4 months old. Probably about the time that he was vaccinated, if the same schedule is followed in Ecuador as in the USA.

From the photos now, I would disagree on a diagnosis of fungus. Usually, fungal skin conditions are not itchy. If he is excessively licking around his groin area, that would create the reddish saliva stained color in his groin.

The 'puzzle' spots are areas of scabs and darker pigment, also from self trauma, itching and scratching, will lead to secondary bacteria in the skin. It may have originally started as a fungal infection when he was 4 months old, but the underlying issue was an 'imbalance' in his immune system making him more susceptible to skin problems and, I suspect, allergies.

Allergic dermatitis will cause itching, and along with it all of the secondary yeast, fungus and bacteria. Susceptibility at that age can be hereditary, environmental, dietary, or due to vaccinations given to him. In 'holistic' medicine this is called 'vaccinosis'.

I am not familiar with 'Magical Miracle Solution'. I am sure that it was only a temporary fix to decrease the itching and perhaps kill some of the bacteria or yeast on his skin. Topical solutions are not the answer.

The underlying problem needs to be addressed with diet, supplements to boost him immune system, and homeopathic remedies to improve his Vital Force and correct the vaccinosis or any other condition. You are on the right track with a home prepared diet, but it is difficult sometimes to prepare a balanced diet for a large breed growing puppy.

You must be very sure that the Calcium and Phosphorus ratio is adequate and that he has enough protein. Raw chicken, turkey, beef or lamb is fine. Fish and pork MUST be cooked. He should also have vegetables in his diet too, such as green beans, carrots, zucchini, or yams. < Dr Richard Pitcairn's book, Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats, has recipes for homemade diets for a growing dog.


Sep 26, 2011
My Online Vet Response for: Fungus on Dog's Belly & Rash around Groin Part Two
by: Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

Hi Pieter,
Here is the rest of my response:

A holistic veterinarian should be consulted to treat 'vaccinosis' with homeopathic remedies. And also to advise you on immune system supplements, such as Immuplex from Standard Process, and giving him weekly oatmeal shampoos to help decrease itching.

I would also, NOT give him any booster vaccinations until he is completely healthy, with normal skin (and even then I would be concerned that a vaccination might trigger a 'flare-up').

Please keep us posted by coming back to this page and clicking the 'click here to add your own comments' link below.

Take care,
Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

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Jan 04, 2012
rash on belly
by: green

My dog has a red rash on her belly and around her back legs. They are itchy as she scratches and tries to lie on the grass to get some relief. We have given her for the past three months flea treatment with a mange protection. Does anyone know what this is and how to treat it.

Jan 04, 2012
My Online Vet Response for: Fungus on Dog's Belly & Rash Around Groin
by: Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

Hi Green,
Thanks for your question. I'm happy to help, but we only accept new questions from subscribers (the original question above was from a subscriber).
Please click here to sign up and submit your question and photos. I'll then get back to you right away at the bottom of your newly created web page.
Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

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