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Finding the Right Veterinary Advice

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Core Health & Wellness Information & Advice

Proper Grooming

Healthy Diet Secrets, Tips & Information

Illnesses & Remedies

Finding the Right Veterinary Advice

Dog Vet Care Comparison & Find a Holistic Vet in Your Area
Free your dog from health advice that only addresses one problem at a time. Learn how to find and develop a relationship with a dog vet care professional that combines the best of both holistic and conventional approaches into her practice.

dog healthMy Online Vet Ask a Veterinarian Service
Have a specific dog care question that you would like Dr. Tillman to answer directly? For just $3.32 per question, your own web Vet MD will get you the online vet help you're looking for as soon as today. You can also check out questions and answers from other visitors in our Ask-a-Vet Online Library.

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Core Health & Wellness

Free Online Vet Advice
Search our 200+ pages of free online vet advice to find the answer you're looking for.

Alternative Medicine for Dogs
Free dog health advice has evolved. Taking care of a dog nowadays is a complicated and confusing responsibility. Explore these holistic dog care practices to avoid medications and surgery, improve the immune system and lengthen your dog's life...

  • Acupuncture Dog Treatment - Acupuncture dog treatment has been used by the Chinese on domestic animals for over 3,000 years! Explore this natural and effective option as an alternative to medication.
  • Dog Aromatherapy - If used appropriately, dog aromatherapy can provide a great deal of relief to your dog for several ailments. Learn how it can help along with specific blends for common problems.
  • Dog Chiropractic Therapy - Eight out of 10 dogs seem to find some type of instant relief from dog chiropractic therapy. Learn whether it is right for you and your dog.
  • Herbal Medicine for Dog Care - Although manmade drugs can come from herbal leaves, flowers and roots, they are not sophisticated enough to replicate the unrefined healing power from nature. Use herbal medicine to stimulate healing in your dog.
  • Homeopathy for Dog Care - As in homeopathy for humans, use dog homeopathic medicine that help their bodies heal themselves.
  • Animal Physical Therapy - Animal physical therapy (for dogs) works just as well as human physical therapy. Learn if it is right for you and your dog, the cost range and how to find a licensed therapist.

Dog Dental Hygiene & Dog Teeth Care
Dog dental hygiene should be a top dog care concern. Learn the essentials of dog teeth care along with natural remedies for common dog dental problems.

Dog First Aid Kit
Far too many dog owners do not have a first aid kit on hand in case of emergency. We'll tell you how to make your own dog first aid kit and where to find the best pre-made kit.

Home Care for Dog Sick Days
Understand to care for your sick dog at home versus taking him to a veterinarian. Home care can save time, money and make your dog more comfortable. 

Vaccinations and Vaccination Schedule
Learn which dog vaccination schedule is best, which dog vaccinations are necessary and how conventional and holistic vets disagree.

Dog Flea Medicine & Dog Flea Treatment
Safe and effective dog flea medicine for your dog, home and yard – from prevention and home remedies to the best flea products out there.

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Proper Grooming

Dog Grooming Instructions
Learn how to groom your dog the safe and natural way along with at-home techniques and tips from the experts.

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Healthy Diet Secrets, Tips & Information

Finding the Right Dog Food for Your Dog
Your dog's diet forms the foundation of her health... the tough part is that every dog's needs are slightly different. From evaluating your current dog food and treats, to finding the right category and brand of dog food, to avoiding dog food dangers, this page will lead you to food and treats that will optimize your dog's health.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
The benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar abound for humans and for dogs - here we'll focus on those for your canine companion.

Dog Dietary Supplements
There are a number of reasons why experts recommend dog dietary supplements and there are many alarming things that you should know.  Understand them along with the best supplements on the market.

Obesity and Dog Weight Loss
Obesity causes a myriad of health problems.  Learn how best to control your dog's weight.

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Illnesses & Remedies

Common Dog Health Problems & Treatments
Learn treatments and remedies for the most common dog health problems. Focus on using the right combination of holistic and conventional approaches to give your dog the best chance for recovery and the prevention of future issues.

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