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Dog Squinting, Pink Eye with Mucus

by Jessica
(Chicago, IL)

Two mornings ago, I noticed my dog was squinting and she could not fully open one eye. She had mucus in the corner of her eye, and her eyes were pink.

I did some research and tried out saline solution. This morning, I noticed her eyes are still the same.

She does scratch her eyes every now and then, but she does not cry as if she's in pain. She can still see because I swing my hand in circles to see if she can follow it and she does.

I'm sure she got the infection from our basement, as it is being remodeled, and one of the workers left our basement door open and my dog went in there. There is a done of dust from the dry wall, cement, or insulation.

I fear that she might have injured herself from nails or got some of the itchy insulation in her eye.

Unfortunately I do not have a picture on hand, as I am at work trying to figure out my next move with her.

So to recap:

Both eyes are red
Left eye is discharging mucus
She can't fully open both eyes
She scratches the left eye often
No crying that indicates pain
She still has vision
It's been going on for 2 days

She is an English bulldog, about a year and half.

Thank you much in advance.

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Jul 25, 2014
My Online Vet Response for: Dog Squinting, Pink Eye with Mucus
by: Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

July 25, 2014

Hi Jessica,
For your 1 1/2 year old English bulldog, I suggest you take her in to a veterinarian ASAP. A veterinarian will need to use Fluorescein to make sure there is no scratch on her cornea. A scratch is not usually visible to the naked eye, and needs to be stained to see it.

When a dog is not able to open their eyes all the way, that is an indication that there is pain.

With an English Bulldog, I am concerned if there is swelling of the eyelids that her eyelid may swell and curl inward and rub on her cornea. That will cause more trauma to her eye.

If there is no scratch, then there may be debris or other material in her eyes that will need to be flushed out with saline. Then she can be prescribed drops or ointment to soothe the eye, and perhaps antibiotics if needed.

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Take care,
Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

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