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The Coolest Dog Squeaky Toys

While dog squeaky toys can be a little tough on your ears after a while, there's no denying how much your dog loves them. This page reviews some great options that we've uncovered, including a few that will actually muffle the squeak for your benefit.

Dog Toy Reviews By Category

The squeaky toys reviewed on this page include...

Katie's Bumper Sqwuggies Dog Squeaky Toys

Katie’s Bumper Sqwuggies are awesomely fun dog squeaky toys that are squeakable, tuggable, durable, colorful, whimsical, fetchable and floatable!

This toy truly covers all the bases when it comes to play for your dog, plus it is made from pre-consumer recycled fire hose material, making them a smart choice for your dog and the environment.

We especially like Katie’s Bumper Sqwuggies because the manufacturer kept your sensitive ears in mind when creating this toy.  Inside the toy sits a muffled squeaker that will be nearly inaudible to you yet perfectly squeaky and satisfying to your dog.

A few additional facts about the Bumper Sqwuggies:

  • Great for a game of fetch on land or in the water
  • Easy to see and to throw
  • Used by trainers for agility and training
  • Machine washable
  • Available in four colors and two sizes
  • Price ranges from $11.49 - $18.49

Note: These toys are not intended for use as chew toys.  They are crafted for supervised and interactive play only and will probably be destroyed if left alone with your dog.

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Simply Fido Hemp Squeaker Dog Toys

Simply Fido dog toys are extremely well made and 100% organic.  We purchased Simply Fido several dog squeaky toys for our little Taylor and she adores each one!

Their Hemp Squeaker Dog Toys are made with hemp which means they are totally safe for your dog. Hemp is the perfect material for dog toys because it’s durable yet soft and most importantly, it’s an environmentally friendly fiber!

These precious toys come in four designs:

dog squeaky toys
  • Eddy the Elephant
  • Taco the Bird
  • Ollie the Owl
  • Jeri the Mouse

A few additional facts about the Simply Fido Hemp Squeaker Toys:

  • Made from 100% organic fibers and all natural dyes
  • Toys measure 5” in length
  • Machine-washable
  • Price is $8.59 per toy
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West Paw Design Eco Plush Dog Toys

If you’re in the market for a soft plush dog squeaky toy, then West Paw Design has the toy for you.  Their Eco Plush Dog Toy is adorable and available in three styles and colors.

It is made from recycled soda pop bottles… seriously!  But don’t worry, they are as soft as anything your dog has ever felt and he is sure to enjoy sinking his teeth into its plush outer shell, activating the hidden squeaker.

This toy is great cuddling, pawing and light chewing, but if your dog likes to tear into soft toys, this is not the right toy for him.

The Eco Plush Dog Toy is:

  • Made from 100% recycled materials
  • Available in three attractive designs and colors
  • Machine-washable
  • Price is $12.99 per toy
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