Dog Snuggle Bed : Finding the Most Appropriate & Reviews by Category

The best dog snuggle bed is a private, clean place where your dog can feel comfortable and relaxed. And for each dog and proud owner that will mean something different.

In order to choose the right dog bed, you must consider:

After taking both perspectives into account (don’t worry, we’ll help), you can move on to our recommended dog beds by category.

Due to the benefits of natural and organic dog supplies, we recommend beds with natural materials when possible, including cotton, feathers, wool or kapok.

Note: Not all bed types that we review are organic or natural due to the nature of some of the types (therapeutic beds, for example).

Dog Snuggle Bed Considerations from Your Dog's Perspective

Dogs are the single most diverse mammal species on the planet, and their sleeping spot should match their type.  We’ll get into the details of each bed type bed further down the page. 

First, look at sleeping through your dog’s eyes:

Big Shrimpy Planet-Friendly Catalina Beds Tan Clover for Canines and Felines
  1. Do they really need the king size or is a smaller bed more appropriate?
  1. Do they like to curl up, or are they more of a sprawler?  High wall, bolster or deep beds will make they feel warm and cozy while the good old-fashioned mats, pads or mattresses give them a lot of room.
  1. How do they act?  If biting and digging is in their nature, you may want to steer towards the chew resistant material.
  2. If they have trouble getting around, they will probably need a bed that’s close to the ground. You may even need to go one step further and take the orthopedic / therapeutic dog bed or heated dog bed route.
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Dog Snuggle Bed Considerations from Your Perspective

While your dog's comfort should come first when choosing a bed, there are several factors to consider after finding the right type...

Budget – how much money are you willing to spend?

Like anything else, you get what you pay for when buying a dog bed. Prices range anywhere from $20 to hundreds of dollars, which usually correlates with the bed’s material, construction quality and novelty or customization.

The most common materials used in dog beds are:

  • Cotton, or better yet, organic cotton which has been grown pesticide-free and in richer soil that is not overused or depleted of its minerals.
  • Polyfil varies in quality from high-end high-loft fibers to basic store-bought.  Different types are available, including cedar-scented and fibers made from recycled materials.
  • Baffled Polyfil beds are made up of interlocking poly-filled tubes. The support in these beds tend to remain more uniform than regular polyfil.
  • Foam provides solid support with depth and durability. There are both standard and orthopedic foams, and they are usually the best choice for older or arthritic dogs.
  • Kapok Fiber is hygienic, hypoallergenic, odorless and breathable. As a result of being naturally resistant to mold and decay, no pesticides are used in its production.

The complexity of construction also directly affects price. Standard pads and mats will be less expensive than those dog beds with more intricate or durable design.

Harry Barker Rectangle Hemp Pet Beds - M Brown For Cats And Dogs

Your Lifestyle

Where do you keep your dog bed and how much room do you have?  Would a corner dog bed make sense or does your dog have a big enough space to support any kind of bed?

Do you travel with your dog?  If so, you will either want to buy two beds or do your best to balance portability along with comfort.

Your Style preference

There are countless styles of dog snuggle beds out there, from patterned to personalized to boutique. From your basic dog mat to a four-post bed, you name it and it’s probably out there.

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Recommended Dog Snuggle Beds By Category

Browse each of the following categories and subcategories then click the links to check out our recommendations for each. Keep in mind that many of the categories overlap.

  • Chew Resistant Dog Bed (for the not-quite-as-hard-core-and-a-little-more-comfortable options)
  • Corner Dog Bed - guess where these fit... you got it, in the corner of your dog's favorite room! Great space-savers, and still super comfy.
  • Raised Dog Beds - especially good for larger dogs.  Also keeps your dog up and off of cold, hard surfaces.
  • Therapeutic Dog Beds - good for puppies as well as aging or arthritic dogs.  Also great for those of you in areas with more extreme hot or cold weather.
  • Heated Dog Bed Reviews - good for dogs living in very hot or very cold plances. Also a good orthopedic option.
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Standard Dog Bed Recommendations by Type

Standard dog bed types include the following - these links will jump you down the page to each category's recommendations...

Classic Mattress-Style Dog Beds

Classic mattress-style dog beds come in all shapes, styles and materials. If your dog is a fan of sleeping in bed with you, these will provide a nice alternative.

Mattress-Style Recommendations

Harry Barker Rectangle Hemp Pet Beds - M Brown For Cats And Dogs

Harry Barker Round Hemp Pet Beds

Price: 119.99 - 159.99 depending on size

100% hemp, eco-friendly beds are extremely durable, mildew-resistant and pre-shrunk. "Green Fiber" fills these cozy beds. Made in the USA.

dog snuggle bed

Big Shrimpy Planet-Friendly Original Beds

Price: 94.99 - 153.99 depending on size

Stylish, functional and eco-friendly, these terrific beds are filled with 100% recycled fiber.  Big Shrimpy beds have a water-resistant outer cover that also resists dirt.

Bolster Dog Beds

Bolster dog beds provide an elevated padded area either completely or partially around the bed. They are great for dogs who like to curl up or feel cradled.

Bolster Dog Bed Recommendations

West Paw Recycled Fill Organic Bumper Beds XLarge Ember

West Paw Recycled Fill Organic Bumper Beds

Price: 63.99 - 159.99

Organic cotton cover fabric is stuffed with recycled fiber fill made from recycled plastic bottles.

West Paw Recycled Fill Bumper Beds M

West Paw Recycled Fill Bumper Beds

Price: 61.99 - 139.99 depending on size

Filled with 100% recycled material scraps, these beds provide instant comfort and style. Machine washable.

Big Shrimpy Planet-Friendly Catalina Beds Tan Clover for Canines and Felines

Big Shrimpy Planet-Friendly Catalina Beds

Price: 45.99

Designed with supporting walls and a removable center cushion, this bed will give your pet the perfect place to curl up into a ball for a cozy sleep.

Mats & Pads

Good for both pet friendly travel and home use, dogs mats and pads can turn a favorite corner or spot into a much more comfortable resting place.

Mats & Pads Recommendations

West Paw Nature Nap Fleece Bed Medium

West Paw Nature Nap Fleece Bed

Price: 19.99 - 63.99 depending on size

Hand made in Montana, these unique beds are made of durable Berber fleece and have a comfortable layer of cushioning fill sewn inside. They are machine washable and dryable to offer worry-free care.

West Paw Eco Nap S Emberglow

West Paw Eco Nap

Price: 27.99 - 89.99 depending on size

Earth-friendly and super soft, these beds are made from 85% recycled soda pop bottles, milled in the USA for optimum quality and durability.

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