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Dog Ongoing/Recurring Skin Rash

by Sarah Saez
(San Diego, CA, USA)

Dog's Armpit Rash

Dog's Armpit Rash

My dog has had some form of a recurring rash since I rescued him two years ago.

Hello, My name is Sarah and my dog's name is Wally. He's a 9 pound what I think is a silky terrier. I found him two years ago in the middle of an intersection. After seeing if he was micro chipped and trying to find any owner we happily added him to our family.

Since finding Wally he had a rash on his belly that looked different from the one he has now, almost like a fungus. We took him to the vet who prescribed us miconazole lotion. That helped for a while but when the rash came back a while later we took him to another vet who performed a skin scraping on him and various other tests.

This vet diagnosed him with skin dermatitis, skin category pseudomena spp. and prescribed him ketochlor shampoo and cetopodoxime. This seemed again to work but the rash reappeared again and we tried taking him to yet another vet so see if they could help, and who again gave him a skin scrape, again ruling out mites or roundworm, and gave us genesis topical spray that hasn't cleared the rash (they never even gave us a diagnosis).

So here we are again, with no real answer to his problem and still worried about our baby. The rash is mainly under his right armpit and there is hair loss there. We also discovered the rash on his neck area. He used to naw at his arm a good deal but now seems to be itching other parts of his body, mainly his elbows.

We've given him flee baths and use Frontline spray but there's no real sign of him having fleas that we can tell, and fleas have not been spotted by any of the vets we've taken him to.

We're feeding him wellness now and switched from Eukanuba. We just want to find out what's wrong with him, get a diagnosis and find a way that we can treat him effectively for the long term.

Thanks so much.

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Aug 30, 2010
My Online Vet Response for Dog Ongoing/Recurring Skin Rash
by: Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

Hi Sarah,
From just a photo of Wally, I do not think that I will be able to give you a diagnosis. BUT, from his history of a recurring skin problem since the time you found him running in the street in an intersection, I would be very suspicious of Wally having some emotional grief or sadness.

The bacteria found is probably only secondary to the true underlying problem. If Wally has been continually itching, chewing, and irritating the area and not allowing it to heal, of course, it will get infected. His overall immune system is depressed, making him more susceptible to bacteria, fungus, etc. Also, if he has any dental problems, gingivitis, or a bad tooth, the bacteria in his mouth, and saliva can transfer to his skin.

Therefore, improving his emotional well being using Bach flower essences would be the first step. In the clinic, I would make up a 'Bach Combo' for Wally. Using a 2 oz glass dropper bottle, add 10 drops of Rescue Remedy, 5 drops of Walnut, 5 drops of Honeysuckle, and 5 drops of Water violet. Fill it with Spring Water, and add 2-3 drops to his drinking water daily or squirt 1/2 dropperful into his mouth once a day. Continue for 3-4 weeks ( Rescue Remedy for anxiety, walnut for getting adjusted to change, honeysuckle for homesickness and water violet for grief.)

If he is improving then decrease to 2 times per week for another month. Then to one time per week for a month.

You can also make up this mixture in a small travel size pump spray bottle, to spray on his skin as needed to 'calm' down the skin. If he licks it, it will help him too.

Next, he must be on canned Wellness, NOT dry food. See our page on 10 Best Dog Food Options. Canned or a raw diet would be essential for his immune system and to allow his skin and haircoat to return to normal.

Next, remove all toxins from his body, and STOP the Frontline and any flea repellents. Use an oatmeal shampoo weekly to help reduce the itching. If his skin is dry, then massage in coconut oil all over, especially in those areas that are the worst, let it stay on for 1-2 hours and soak into his skin. (You may need to put him into a carrier so he is not jumping onto your furniture and get everything greasy.) Then bathe him with Dawn Dish soap, to remove the oil, followed by the oatmeal shampoo. This can be done weekly for a month, then as needed.

(Continued in Part 2-Ongoing/recurring skin rash)

Aug 30, 2010
Part 2 - Dog Ongoing/Recurring Skin Rash
by: Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

(continued from above)

There are also many good dog dietary supplements available to improve the immune system and help the skin. OrthoMolecular Specialties, Mega C Powder, Immuplex from Standard Process, and Omega 3 fish oil for dogs are a few of them. And finding a holistic veterinarian would be the best way to help guide you in restoring Wally to good health.
Click here to find a holistic veterinarian in your area. Another resource for vets knowledgeable in homeopathy is

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Take care,
Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

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