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Dog Has Small Holes in Side, Open Wounds on Leg, Strep, Infection and Painful Bluish Tongue

by Lana Montgomery
(Lake Havasu City AZ)

I have a 5 yr old rescue shih-tzu, and in June she got a compressed disc in her back (no idea how it happened). They put her on steroids Dexamethasone for 3 weeks, she got better then in 2 weeks declined.

We took her for 2 laser treatments , 9 acupuncture treatments and she would get better then revert back. The acupuncture guy suggested she go back on a small dose of Dexamethasone to get out inflammation...meanwhile we noticed a sticky spot on her side.

Long story short it turned out she had 7 small holes on her side. Our vet we have had for 13 years insisted it was a brown reclsue spider bite and I knew it wasn't because I did my homework. After putting her on Clavamox for 10 days (did nothing) she has since been on 3 others and they are not working.

They finally cultured 10 days ago and found she has a strep and an infection that starts with kresp- (I think). I was so upset I did not write it down. We put her on cephalexen but she is not tolerating it well at all.

She also has 2 holes on her upper legs that are huge open wounds...I will try to send a picture but not sure if I can.

My point is on Thursday she seemed to turn a corner, she was playing with her toys, chewing a chew stick and barking like her frisky self, Friday morning she was great and then early Saturday she threw up and Sunday also but she was throwing up her antibiotic only, then once it was out she was good.

I called my vet this
morning as I wanted her in ASAP and the only time they had was 1:00 so I was trying to feed her some food, she wanted to eat but you could tell her tongue was hurting (it was bluish in color and turned up a tad). We took her in and the vet said we have 2 options: (1) to put her to sleep (not an option) or (2) hospitalize her and hit her with antibiotics and fluids.

He said her tongue is vascul (??) and that he was worried about her internal organs - he gave her a 50/50 chance of making it.

We think it is worth a try. We brought her home to discuss it and she ate turkey, drank water and is now attacking her chew stick... not a girl that is giving up, so we will not give up on her.

We are big believers in Holistic. I have been packing her wounds with sugar and Manuka honey every night, orally giving her liquid silver 3 times a day, spraying silver on her wounds and even putting essiac tea in her water....any ideas of what I can give her to boost her immune system??

He wants her there in the morning to start the IV's...I am asking you for your wisdom and ideas and help you can give will be so appreciated. I have had some great dogs in this life and this one is extra special and fighting so hard that there is no way we can give up on her, she has to be miserable and she never shows it, she is just happy acting all the time and tail wagging!

Please help!

Sincerely, Lana

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Oct 11, 2011
My Online Vet Response for Dog has Small Holes in Side, Open Wounds on Leg, Strep infection and Painful Bluish Tongue
by: Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

Hi Lana,
Would it be possible to keep your dog at home and have you give Subcutaneous fluids instead of hospitalizing her for the IV? It would be much less stressful, and you would be able to continue with all of your nursing care.

Also, please ask the veterinarian to give you about 5 injections of B-vits with Vit B-12 (0.2cc B-vitamin complex mixed in a TB syringe with 0.5cc of B-12). You will give her one injection per day, injected into the SQ fluid pocket that you give her over her shoulders.

I am not convinced that antibiotics are the answer to healing of these 'wounds', especially if your dog has gastro-intestinal upsets due to the antibiotics. Since she has had several days of antibiotics already, she will need Acidophilus added to her food to replenish the 'good' bacteria. Open one capsule and add it to her food, two times daily.

Besides Strep, the other bacteria that you were not sure of the name may be Klebsiella. And the tongue condition is called, 'vasculitis' (Inflammation of the vessels).

I advise giving her homeopathic remedies to help her heal. Both Arsenicum album and Carbo vegetabilis are useful in situations with wounds that are slow to heal and when the tongue is a bluish color. It would be best to have a holistic veterinarian examine her to decide which remedy is indicated in your dog at this time.

But in the meantime, you can buy both remedies, Arsenicum album 6c or 12c potency, and Carbo vegetabilis 6c or 12c or 30c potency. Start with ONE of them and give her one pellet, which you can put in the side of her cheek to let it dissolve. OR dissolve one pellet in a glass dropper bottle in spring water, and then give her 1/2 dropperful into her mouth. Repeat the dose (either dry pellet or in water) one time every 8 hours for three days to see if there is improvement.

If she is relapsing after 24 hours, STOP that remedy, and use the other remedy. This is where a holistic veterinarian needs to be supervising her progress.


Oct 11, 2011
My Online Vet Response for Dog has small holes in Side, Open Wounds on Leg, Strep, Infection and Painful Bluish Tongue PART TWO
by: Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

Hi Lana,
Here is the rest of my response:

I would also advise using Canine Whole Body Support and Immuplex from Standard Process. The dose for each can be found on the bottles and is based on her weight.

In Arizona, you can check for the name of a holistic veterinarian near you. Also, try this link:
find a holistic veterinarian in your area

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Take care,
Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

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