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Dog has cloudy eyes probably from allergy, head bump or trauma

by Ed

For about a week now, our maltese has cloudy as well as teary runny eyes that result in yellowish-white deposit at the inner edge of the eye socket. We suspect it either hit itself on something or caught a blade of 2 of grass but more of the former.

Again this happen about a week ago now when we took him out in the backyard at night to do its thing. The right eye seems more swollen than the left and has more tearing than the left. We took him to a general vet who told us that the lens had actually moved forward.

The vet also measured something with this tool that I believe measures some kind of pressure. Readings are from 40-55 something. He said that the dog is blind and suggested taking to dog eye doctor for more specific actions but we just don't have the money to do this.

What can we do to at least help him if his eyes are sore? Also, what ointment, eye drops can we give to reduce the runny eyes? We gave him a bit of ibuprofen the other night since we didn't have any dog aspirin handy. Last night we gave him aspirin hoping to soothe him.

He used to be really active. Now, most of the time he just lays around since I guess he probably has eye pain and also thinks that it is always night time. But, from time to time if you dare him to play, he'll start barking and be a little playful.

As far as food, he is eating regularly and can poop and pee with no problem.

Oh, just to mention that I did notice that before this happened from time to time that if you tossed him a treat from a few feet away he wouldn't even know where the thing landed and has to smell around to find the treat. But, we always thought that he can see us clearly since he tends to get right to us when playing. Maybe he just saw our outline.

This dog was actually given to us last November since the prior owner can no longer take care of it. He has been a great dog and we would really like to help at least minimize the pain without too much cost.

Before I finish up, I also observed some time back that the white part of the eye tends to be so big at night even though we have lights.

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Jun 28, 2011
My Online Vet Response for Dog has cloudy eyes probably from allergy, head bump or trauma
by: Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

Hi Ed,
There is no simple holistic treatment for your Maltese' eye condition. He has a luxated lens, and he now has glaucoma. The cloudiness of the lens of both eyes is due to aging. The lens becomes denser and less flexible in all animals, and humans too.

In his left eye the lens has become too dense, and too heavy for the small muscles supporting it. It has torn free, and has fallen through the pupil into the front chamber of the eye, just inside the cornea.

The conjunctiva and other soft tissues in the eye are inflamed and producing increased fluid, causing the increase in pressure (glaucoma) and the increase in mucous that you see in the inner corner of his eye.

He needs to see a veterinary eye doctor to get the correct treatment and relieve the pain he has in his eye. This causes tremendous headaches and eye pain, and the pressure needs to be relieved using glaucoma medicine. A veterinary eye doctor will work with you on finances. The goal is to relieve pain and suffering.

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Take care,
Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

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