Dog Grooming Clippers Reviewed

Purchasing a pair of high quality dog grooming clippers is one of the first steps towards preparing your at-home grooming salon. 

The dog grooming clippers recommended on this page will put you on the right track, and each of them come with a moneyback guarantee...

Before we get to our recommendations, understand that not all clippers are created equal. Skimping on them can mean an accident that causes harm to either you or your dog.  Cheap clippers are often times not sharp enough and can scrape your dog’s skin or overheat and burn your hand. 

Also, purchasing a pair of dog grooming clippers that come with a detailed instruction manual is a very smart choice.

Once you've got the grooming materials you need, our Dog Grooming Instructions page will show you how to groom your dog like a pro in the comfort of your own home.  We provide some step-by-step instructions on grooming your dog at home along with helpful tips and things to avoid. 

Quick Note: The price of a pair of high quality clippers can be quite high in many people’s opinion, but remember... you get what you pay for in quality and safety.

Plus, don't forget what you will save by grooming your dog at home… two trips to the grooming salon and you would have already paid for an excellent pair of clippers!

Wahl Moser Arco SE Platinum Cordless Clipper - Our Top Pick

The Wahl Moser Arco SE is an excellent choice for first time users and professionals alike.  These clippers will cut through any type of coarse, dirty, matted or extremely fine hair.  In our opinion, this is the best clipper out there!

The problem with most clippers is that they are unreliable and typically not precise or strong enough.  You don’t want to have to run back and forth over the same patch of fur because it can be painful for your dog and tiring for you. 

Wahl Moser Arco Se Cordless Dog Hair Clippers

The Wahl Moser Arco SE will ensure a precise cut or trim the first time you run it over your dog’s fur.  The fur doesn't get stuck in the blades like some other clippers, and it will not overheat.

Plus, it's cordless!

The product qualities of these clippers include:

  • Runs on a 45 minute battery pack (comes with one extra battery pack)
  • Produces a 1-3/4” top quality professional cut
  • Easy to clean
  • Detachable blade adjusts to five cutting lengths
  • Kit includes 2 replacement blades, 4 attachment combs and a charging stand
  • Additional blades available for purchase
  • Price of this clipper kit is $119.99

Click here to purchase the Wahl Moser Arco SE Cordless Clipper Set.

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Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer

The Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer is the ideal clipper for use around your dog’s eyes, ears, nose and rear. 

This is a “pocket sized” trimmer and therefore not suitable for use on your dog's body.  Also, the strength of this clipper is much less than a full size clipper, but it is perfect for trimming up the sensitive areas of your dog.

The Wahl Pro Trimmer’s product qualities include

Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer
  • Trimmer available in assorted colors
  • Runs on AA batteries
  • Comes with two trimming attachments, a cleaning brush, oil and a blade guard
  • Instructions on how to operate the clippers are included in the kit
  • A 1 year warranty comes with the purchase
  • Extra blades are available for purchase
  • The price of the trimmer is $16.00

Click here to purchase the Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer.

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Andis ProPet Home Clipper Kit

If you're looking for a less expensive way to get started at home, the Andis ProPet Home Clipper Kit is a great option and can handle many dog grooming needs. While it's not as powerful as the Wahl clippers and is not cordless, we are fans of the handy carrying case and its straightforward operation. 

Andis Pro Dog Grooming Kit

The Andis ProPet Home Clipper Kit’s product qualities include:

  • Clippers use a powerful rotary motor that can handle all types of fur 6 ¾” clippers
  • 10 ultra edge blades
  • 4 attachment combs
  • Oil, case and operating instructions
  • Clipper operates from an electrical cord
  • Price is $54.99

Click here to purchase the Andis ProPet Home Clipper Kit.

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Oster Blade Wash

The purchase of a high quality clipper blade cleaner is an essential part of your at home dog grooming collection. 

Many people forget that they have to keep the blades on a clipper clean in order to keep it running well and efficiently.  We recommend the Oster Blade Wash because it’s trusted by professional groomers and is backed by a well established company. 

One bottle of blade wash will last you a good amount of time and at $8.99 per bottle, it’s a great investment in your newly purchased clippers.

Click here to purchase Oster's Blade Wash.

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