Dog Friendly Vacation Rentals: How to Find Your Perfect Spot

Thanks to the numerous options in dog friendly vacation rentals across the country, bringing your family dog along on your next vacation is so much easier than it used to be.

Whether this is the first time that you will be traveling with your pooch or you and your pup are seasoned travel companions, we are happy to help point you towards the best online tools for locating dog friendly vacation rentals in your ideal location.

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  • United States Dog Friendly Vacation Rentals

    If you are looking for an all-in-one resource to help you plan your family’s ideal dog friendly vacation, then is absolutely the resource for you.

    We like because they…

    • Are one of the best organized, easy to navigate pet friendly travel sites that has an extremely comprehensive listing of hotels, motels, inns, vacation rentals and campgrounds in US cities and abroad.
    • Have a comprehensive, easy-to-use search capability. When you search a particular location, a Google map will appear along with small letters indicating the locations of their recommended dog friendly accommodations. You can then scroll down to view each accommodation, which is paired with a letter, making it really easy to find the exact locations you desire quickly and easily.
    • Usually have numerous pictures, listed rates and guest reviews, plus a quick button that allows you to check rates during your travel times.
    • Tell you which accommodations have a pet fee and how much that fee is per animal.
    • Have a toll free phone service that you can call to have your questions answered or to make sure you get the best possible rates for your chosen destination.
    • Provide quick links to tons of pet friendly services and locations by city, including restaurants, parks, beaches, grooming services, pet stores, vet clinics and so much more!

    If you have never used to plan a vacation then you are guaranteed to be shocked by the thousands of property listings they have available in the US and worldwide.

    The concept of the site is quite simple in that property owners can post a link to their available property, categorized by city, with pictures, descriptions and general information.

    When conducting your search for dog friendly vacation rentals, simply fill out the search box, making sure to check the box next to dogs. This will ensure that only relevant dog-allowing vacation properties will show up in your search.

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    Over the past 10 years, has taken the world by storm, offering users one place they can go online to find just about anything they desire in their city.

    This site has become a very popular place for housing listings of all types and can be a useful tool in your search for dog friendly vacation rentals.

    Simply select your desired city, look for the housing section towards the top of the page, and select the vacation rentals tab. Once you get to the vacation rentals page, fill out the search box at the top, making sure to click the box next to dogs, which will ensure your search results will only contain listings that allow dogs.

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    United Kingdom Dog Friendly Vacation Rentals

    Traveling all over the United Kingdom with your dog is now easier than ever thanks to resources like the, with thousands of accommodation listings paired with excellent descriptions. dog friendly vacation rentals

    The types of accommodations that are listed on this site include exclusive hotels, self-catering properties, country cottages, farm house holidays, bed and breakfasts and also caravan parks.

    The site is very easy to use… simply search by location or browse the options available in their featured hotels section.

    See above description under United States Dog Friendly Vacations.

    See above description under United States Dog Friendly Vacations.

    Canada Dog Friendly Vacation Rentals is Canada’s leading resource for information on dog friendly vacation rentals.

    They offer comprehensive lists of accommodations in British Columbia and both small and major cities throughout Canada. The types of properties listed are hotels, motels, cottages, private cabins, upscale resorts and more.

    This site is very easy to navigate, plus they update their information often and offer a newsletter to their members.

    See above description under United States Dog Friendly Vacations.

    See above description under United States Dog Friendly Vacations.

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    Australian Dog Friendly Vacation Rentals is an award-winning site that strives to make planning your next Australian getaway the most simple and enjoyable experience possible.

    Although the over 14,000 accommodations listed are not all specific to dog friendly vacation rentals, they do have a very good selection of doggie friendly options. The site has listings for hotels, motels, inns, cottages, resorts and more, plus they offer great deals that are only available through

    See above description under United States Dog Friendly Vacations.

    See above description under United States Dog Friendly Vacations.

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    Your Favorite Dog Friendly Vacations

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