Dog Food Storage Containers Reviewed

By utilizing dog food storage containers in your home or on the go, you can be sure that your dog’s food will stay fresh longer than it would in the store-bought bag.

In addition to losing freshness, keeping your dog’s food in the bag can be a real a pain - especially when the bag decides to rip while you’re pouring, leaving you with a real mess.

Good dog food storage containers save time (easier to open, close and pour), money (avoid the spills and longer food freshness allows you to buy in bulk), and keep the food healthier and make it taste a heck-of-a-lot better for longer. Here are the ones that we like...


Here’s a revolutionary dog feeding and storage system called Store-N-Feed™ that is sure to make your life a little bit easier.

This #1 selling dog feeder offers healthy, comfortable feeding positions and it allows you to adjust the height of the bowls from 8” – 12”.  By adjusting the feeding position to perfectly fit your dog’s height, you can minimize digestion and bloating problems and also minimize strain on joints and muscles.

dog food storage containers

Here’s the best part…you can store up to 20lbs of your dog’s food right below the dog bowls.  It can’t get much more convenient than that!

The Store-N-Feed™ is:

  • Available in one, adjustable size
  • Comes with two stainless steel bowls
  • Stores up to 20lbs of food or dog toys
  • Portable and easy for pet friendly travel
  • Only available in the USA
  • Price is $39.99
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Dock Dogs Store and Feed To-Go

If you have been searching for the perfect pet friendly travel bag for your dog, then you have come across one of the best! 

This bag not only provides your dog with a stable place to eat and drink while on the run, it also holds up to 20 lbs of dog food, plus provides ample room for toys, treats, leashes and even people stuff!

The quality of this Docks Dog bag is un-paralleled and you are sure to enjoy it just as much as we have.  After multiple uses to the beach and mountains, it still looks brand new.

dog food storage containers

The Docks Dog Store and Feed To-Go is:

  • Convenient and easy to tote around with shoulder strap or hand straps.
  • Provides your dog with a raised area to eat and drink
  • Comes with two stainless steel bowls
  • Machine washable and fabric is easily wiped clean
  • Price is $57.99
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Stainless Steel Food Scoop

dog food storage container

...and your dog food storage container is not complete without a good dog food scoop.  We're a fan of this one from 

Benefits of the stainless steel scoop include:

  • Machine washable
  • ½ and 1 cup measurements
  • High quality and sturdy
  • Stainless steel is very hygienic and will last much longer than plastic scoops.
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