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Referred to by many as an "invisible fence for dogs", the dog fence collar has been around for years...

How Does a Dog Fence Collar Work?

The concept is quite simple but misunderstood by most. In short, the dog fence collar works to train the dog to respect the boundaries of the yard and to stay within those boundaries… but how does it really work?

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There are two separate options for purchasing and installing dog fence collars:

  1. The first option is to purchase the equipment alone from an independent manufacturer and set-up the system yourself in your yard or home.  Most of these types of fencing systems come with a detailed instruction manual and DVD to help guide you through the installation process.  Below we recommend two different self-installation systems:
    1. A) The Wireless Containment System is much easier to install as it operates without the use of buried wires.
    2. B) The second uses buried wires, but provides a much larger area for your dog to roam.
  2. The second (and more expensive) dog fence collar option is to work with a company who will come to your home, asses your individual needs, and quote you a price which will include the equipment and the installation.

With the buried wire option (1B and 2 above), a signaled barrier system encircles the boundaries of your property. The dog fence collar then operates off of radio signals that transmit to a collar worn by your dog.

When the dog gets too close to the property barrier, the collar will transmit a type of warning tone audible only to the dog, telling them to stay back. If the dog continues to proceed in the same direction, the collar will emit a static-like shock, which is painless but uncomfortable for the dog.

The wireless system (1A above) works the same way except it does so wirelessly.

This video will give you an idea about how it will feel to your dog if they cross the barrier...

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What Training Goes Along with a Dog Fence Collar?

Many owners make the mistake of thinking that once the dog fence collar is set up, their dog is then safe to roam the yard without supervision. There is training involved in the process, which will help your dog understand the warning signal and the barrier that you have set.

A good way to start this training is by walking the perimeter of your property with your dog on a close leash. Allow your dog to get within the warning area of the radio-signaled fencing, and quickly correct them by pulling the leash backwards, putting the dog in a "safe" area of the yard, and follow that action with praise and a treat.

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Continue this training by allowing your dog to wander the yard, still on leash. If they step into warning territory, make sure to correct them with a voice command first and a physical leash command second. And don't forget to continue to praise them for good behavior. This full process usually takes about 2 weeks to complete and be understood by your dog.

Do be aware that certain dogs seem to be unfazed by the warning/shock system used by the dog fence collar. If your dog is not responding to this system, it is best to keep her on leash while in the yard.

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Top 2 Self-Installation Dog Fence Collars

PetSafe Wireless Containment System

dog fence collar

The PetSafe Wireless Containment dog fence collar system is a high quality and reliable self set-up option. It utilizes state of the art technology to keep your dog safely contained in your yard, home or on the go.

One of the major differentiators with the PetSafe Wireless System is the fact that you don’t have to bury the wires in order to set up a barrier around your yard. The all-in-one transmitter does the work for you.

Simply plug the transmitter into an outlet in your home or garage and set the adjustable area you would like your pet to stay within. The transmitter then communicates with the dog’s receiver collar to help keep him in the designated area.

Plus an unlimited number of pets can be added to this wireless system… you simply purchase collars to be placed on each animal.

Additional product features include:

  • System covers an adjustable circular area up to 1/2 acre (180 feet in diameter)
  • 5 adjustable levels of correction, plus tone-only mode
  • Includes "run-through protection" which means your pet will be reminded with an audio signal to return to the designated area
  • A Lifetime product warranty is offered with proof of purchase
  • The price of this wireless system is $349.99 when purchased directly from the manufacturer, but we were able to find a discounted price of $299.99 through a reputable pet supply company.

Click here to purchase the PetSafe Wireless Containment System.

Ultrasmart Contain 'n' Train

The Ultrasmart Contain 'n' Train system is a wire-based set-up.

While the wireless system above is much easier to set-up and is portable, it only covers ½ of an acre. And even though the wire-based system requires the burying of wires around the perimeter of your yard, we found it to be a relatively simple process made much easier by the handbook and DVD instructions.

With the Ultrasmart Contain n’ Train kit, you will receive a rechargeable collar, wall-mounted transmitter, 500 feet of wire, 50 flags, recharging dock, instructional DVD plus a hand held transmitter for obedience training.

The 500 ft of wire included in the kit is enough to cover about a 1/2 acre, but additional wire is available for purchase through their website. The transmitter is powerful enough to cover up to 25 acres of land.

Additional product qualities include:

  • State-of-the-art rechargeable collar which is 30% thinner and sleeker than many other collars
  • Collar has a tone-only mode for training along with a LED light which shows whether the system is on or off
  • Transmitter covers up to 25 acres and has a boundary self-check display that shows system status
  • Transmitter produces 9 levels of correction plus tone only mode, which can also be controlled by the hand-held remote
  • A second dog can be added to the system by purchasing an additional collar
  • Price for the kit is $339.99
  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty and satisfaction is guaranteed by the manufacturer

Click here to purchase the Ultrasmart Contain 'n' Train system.

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The Best Professionally Installed Invisible Fence for Dogs

Invisible Fence Brand

The well-known and respected Invisible Fence Company has been keeping pets safely inside their own yards and out of harms way since 1973. Based on a survey conducted by Saint John’s Research, 4 out of 5 veterinarians recommend Invisible Fence Brand to their patients and use it to keep their own pets safe at home.

If you don't want to do it yourself and are okay paying 20 to 30% more (because each pet owner has a different situation, Invisible Fencing does not offer price estimates online), Invisible Fence for dogs is the way to go.

Invisible Fence is a nationwide company with a very informative website which will answer almost any questions you might have about the fencing system or the installation. You simply go to their website, click on the free consultation button, enter your information and await a reply from the company.

Invisible Fence offers many different types of fencing systems for both indoor and outdoor pet safety. They also provide their customers with a warranty on their product and installation.

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