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Dog eye irritation / redness & excess tearing

by Adam
(San Luis Obispo, CA)

A few weeks ago I noticed a dark spot around our dog's right eye (it seems to be from excessive tearing, like her eye keeps watering). She already has cataracts but in that same eye a reddish/orange tint has formed.

She has diabetes (receives 9 units of insulin twice a day) and is pretty much blind. I think she is still able to distinguish shadows but she often runs into things & I would not be surprised if this is trauma induced. The "dark spot" (which again I think is from moisture) will come & go.

The color of her eye is concerning. She does seem to have some discomfort, sometimes rubbing it and sometimes winking excessively, like when a person has something in their eye. She is almost twelve years old. I hope that covers everything.

I know taking her to the vet would be the best option and I'm sure is what will probably end up happening, but my parents are currently stressed on income and fear another large veterinarian bill. If there is any help you could offer it would be greatly greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Feb 22, 2012
My Online Vet Response for: Dog eye irritation/redness &excess tearing
by: Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

Hi Adam,

Considering the chronic health issues of your dog, with the diabetic cataracts, and now redness with excessive tears, and her eye is bothering her, I am concerned that the red/orange tint may be retinal hemorrhage in the back of her eye or a detached retina. She may also have glaucoma (increased pressure in the eye, which can be VERY painful).

I do not have a simple solution to treat any of these problems, especially without a diagnosis. If she has only conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva), causing the excessive tears, there are some easy treatments that you can do to help. Use Saline Eye Wash (available over the counter at regular pharmacies) and put 2-3 drops into her eyes, two to three times daily.

At this time, though, I would want to have her checked immediately by a veterinary ophthalmologist for a diagnosis and to start treatment ASAP depending on what her problems may be. Once you have a diagnosis, I may be able to advise you on diet, supplements, or homeopathic remedies that might be appropriate.

Also, for dog diabetes she should be taking chromium piconolate (also called 'Glucose Tolerance Factor), available at health food stores - give her about 25 mg per 50lb daily.

Also give her supplements to boost her immune system, since diabetics seem to have a hard time fighting off infections. Mega C powder is a multi-vitamin supplement that has 3,000mg of buffered Vitamin C per tsp, combined with all of the vitamins and minerals she might need. She would only need about 1/4-1/3 tsp daily, added to her food.

Missing Link powder for dogs is another good supplement for the immune system that can be added to the food.

She should be on a canned dog food or raw dog food diet to be the healthiest for her eyes to heal. NO DRY DOG FOOD.

Take care,
Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

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