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Dog eye infection-discharge,redness and pimple on eyelid

by Samantha Wei Xu

First day-swollen

First day-swollen

First day-swollen
fourth day -pimple

I sent my dog to a 'daycare' center for a day play (first time)on 5th Feb. After she came back at the end of the day, I found some gray, milky color discharge came out from her left eye.

Both of her eye lids of the left eye were very thick (double or triple her right eye). Though both her eyes were red, only the left eye was swollen. I could also see her third eye lid on left side.

She was happy and jumpy. She was trying to wipe off the discharge, otherwise she was not too much bothered by the situation.

In addition to the redness and swelling, the inner corner of her lower eyelid shows a pink color other than black skin/hair, as if a piece of skin was scratched off. The hair around her left eye was falling off as well.

Later that night, the redness in her right eye seems to have disappeared. I bought Fucithalmic eye drops to apply on her eye lid. The following day, discharge was disappearing and the swelling has improved. The third day, I could see almost no swelling.

However, from yesterday, the pink part in lower eye lid became very obvious, and there are more small pink areas (2-3) showing along the lower eyelid. Strange enough, a 'pimple' popped up on the inner corner of her upper eye lid. It is small but can see some irregular 'wrinkles' on it. Around the pimple, hair-loss was very severe.

Jade is a four-year-old female black Labrador. She is slightly overweight (37kg) but otherwise in great health.

I am traveling in a week and she will be staying with a friend. I want to make sure she is well before I leave. Please tell me what should I do to help her.

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Feb 11, 2012
My Online Vet Response for: Dog eye infection-discharge, redness and pimple on eyelid
by: Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

Hi Samantha,
For Jade to have had such an acute reaction after ONE day at the daycare, I suspect that she might have had some trauma (running through bushes), or had some type of irritant splashed in her eyes, or was exposed to a virus or bacteria to cause her to have conjunctivitis. Or possibly a reaction to a recent vaccination, if she was required to have a vaccine before going to the daycare.

Her conjunctivitis appears to have caused inflammation of the conjunctiva in her eye, and inflammation of the third eyelid, and it is affecting the glands of the eyelashes of her upper eyelid, where the pimple has appeared.

She should have had her eyes flushed immediately with saline, on February 5, to rinse out any irritants, bacteria or virus particles. It seems that she has had a partial response to the antibiotic eye drops, "Fucithalmic', which is useful for Staph bacteria infections in the eye. It is hard to know if she has a Staph bacterial infection, or some other bacterial infection, (or possibly a virus, secondary to a vaccine), unless she has a culture done of the mucous discharge to diagnose what type of infection it might be.

A bacterial culture and sensitivity would take three days, in which it would be determined:
1. if there ARE any bacteria, and
2. which antibiotic the bacteria are sensitive to.

In the meantime, flushing her eyes with saline eye wash (which should be available in pharmacies in Dubai, as it is here in the USA) two times daily would be the best course of action until you can take her in to a veterinarian to diagnose whether Jade indeed has a bacterial infection or some other problem which I can not determine by looking at the pictures that you sent.

You might also consider taking her to a holistic veterinarian, who may do a culture and sensitivity, but would also have some more 'natural' treatments rather than the antibiotic drops, especially if there is any suspicion that it might be a vaccine reaction). And could also give you some advice on helping Jade lose weight with a better diet!

Take care,
Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

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