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March 2010 -- Issue #020

  • The Real Secret to Success at the Dog Park

February 2010 -- Issue #019

  • The biggest mistake dog owners make on Valentine's Day

January 2010 -- Issue #018

  • 4 Ways to Include Your Furry Friend in Your New Year’s Resolutions

December 2009 -- Issue #017

  • H1N1 Flu Virus Now Affecting Pets? (plus other dog diseases and problems you should know about)
  • Our own Dr. Carol Jean Tillman interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle about the pros & cons of anesthesia-free dog dentistry

October 2009 -- Issue #016

  • Chocolate Safety for Your Dog on Halloween (and throughout the year)
  • Share a picture of your dog in their Halloween Costume!

September 2009 -- Issue #015

  • Hot New Pet Friendly Travel Companies & Tools
  • Find Answers to Your Dog Care Questions Quicker & Easier

August 2009 -- Issue #014

  • A Virtual World for Dogs?
  • UPDATE: Your My Online Vet Questions & Visitor Feedback

July 2009 -- Issue #013

  • My Online Vet is Ready for Your Questions!

June 2009 -- Issue #012

  • How Does Your Vet Stack Up?
  • Online Vet Advice Survey

May 2009 -- Issue #011

  • Essential Eye Care Tips
  • Do You Have a Dog First Aid Kit on Hand?

April 2009 -- Issue #010

  • You Won't Believe the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

March 2009 -- Issue #009

  • Pesticides in Our Dogs' Products
  • YOUR STORIES - Your Cutest Dog Toy Picture

February 2009 -- Issue #008

  • A New Puppy for Your Valentine
  • Valentine's Day for Your Dog
  • YOUR STORIES - Your Dog's Best Kiss

January 2009 -- Issue #007

  • Dog Theft Prevention
  • Four Legged Hero
  • Your Local Holistic Vet

December 2008 -- Issue #006

  • Pet Friendly Airlines & Pet Travel Tips
  • Organic Pet Gift Recommendations

November 2008 -- Issue #005

  • Cold Weather and Your Dog
  • An Important Tip About Feeding Your Dog During Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Is Pet Health Insurance For You?

October 2008 -- Issue #004

  • Have Fun & Stay Safe on Halloween
  • Obama & McCain - Will There Be Any Presidential Pets?
  • Pet Insurance & Dog Supplies Information and Recommendations Underway

September 2008 -- Issue #003

  • Giant Dog Turd Wreaks Havoc
  • Contagious Dog Park Diseases
  • Updated Dog Food Recommendations and Their Healthy Label Test Results

August 2008 -- Issue #002

  • Beat the Summer Heat- Keep Your Hot Dog Cool!
  • Dog’s Death at Local Kennel Makes National News
  • Home Treatments for Dog Skin Conditions

July 2008 -- Issue #001

  • Vacationing Without Your Dog This Summer?
  • Cocoa Mulch Found to Be Lethal to Dogs
  • Don't Get Bitten in China!
  • Healthy Label Test Ensures Your Dog is Eating Right

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