Choosing the Right Dog Air Bed

While the manufacturing and recyclability of a dog air bed is not necessarily a good thing for the environment, it does have several indisputable qualities.

The best ones we could sniff out were...

Air beds are right for some dog owners for several reasons:

dog air bed
  • Less odor and build up of pesky dust mites and allergens
  • No place to harbor fleas or other types of pests
  • Easily deflatable
  • Washable
  • Super easy for pet friendly travel
  • Control of firmness and support
  • Durable PVC material makes clawing nearly impossible
  • Keeps dog cool and comfortable
  • Highly recommended for arthritic dogs who require more support
  • No soaking or run-off, which is great for dogs with incontinence
  • No need to replace fillers as with other dog beds

However, in addition to the environmental concerns, other negatives include…

  • Non-resistant to excessive chewing which causes air leaks
  • Inflation and deflation of bed may take small amount of time
  • Dog may be uncomfortable with the dog air bed sensation at first

If you do decide to purchase a dog air bed, be mindful about recycling it if and when you get rid of it. can help you find a recycling center in your area.

Coleman Comfort Smart Round Air Bed

The Coleman Comfort Smart Round Air Bed is a great dog air bed for the money.   This bed is made by Coleman, a reputable camping supply company. As you might expect, the bed is great for camping or in-home use. As you can see in the image below, it has a lip for the dog’s head or for curling up, and is covered in a soft fleece-like material.

Overall, this bed has good customer reviews and is a bargain buy with prices starting at $28.76 for the smaller bed and $54.99 for the larger bed. The pump is not included in the purchase price and can be purchased separately.

Following are the bed’s features as described by the manufacturer…

  • Available in 26" x 34", 44" x 38", and 52" x 44"
  • The ThermoLock feature reduces heat loss through the zipper and keeps your pet warm
  • ZipPlow technology helps prevent zipper snags and ensures smooth zipper operation around corners
  • Double-Lock Valve features two sealing points, guaranteeing a leak-free valve
  • The FiberLock feature prevents insulation from shifting, increasing durability
  • The Comfort Cuff surrounds your pet's face with softness
  • Exclusive PVC construction provides better puncture resistance
  • Constructed of tough poly oxford and cozy fleece
  • Inflates in less than 60 seconds with QuickPump unit (sold separately)
  • The Comfort Smart Coil System contours to your pet, providing firm support
  • Washable, removable cover

Click here to purchase the Coleman Pet Comfortsmart Air Bed with Bolster.

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SnoozAir Bed for Dogs

SnoozAir Bed for dogs is a patent pending dog bed made from quality materials and with all of your dogs comfort needs in mind.  This dog air bed has a round design and several impressive features.

With the ability to hold up to 400 lbs, even the heaviest dogs shouldn’t have a problem.  The large size is also big enough for an 80 lb lab to comfortably curl up on.  The bottom of the bed has a non-skid grip, so it’s safe for smooth surfaces. It also comes with an air pump that allows the bed to be filled in 40 seconds.

dog air bed

Additional features include:

  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • Machine washable and easily removed plush slip cover
  • Pillowed head rest on outer ring
  • Deluxe Boston Valve that quickly inflates & deflates
  • Electric air pump

The SnoozAir dog air bed starts at $99, and the company offers special deals for multiple purchases.  You will receive a free electric air pump, bed slip cover (no zippers!) and repair kit with your purchase.  Additional slip covers are also available for purchase.

The SnoozAir Bed for Dogs comes with a 90 day money back guarantee, as long as the product was not used by your dog.  The dog air bed can also be returned to the seller as long as return guidelines are met.  You can read more about their policy on their website.

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