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Best Kiss - WINNER
Suzy, the amazing Dalmation

by Dick Kalfus
(Cape Coral, Fla.)

We were in a Hospice facility, in Fort Lauderdale Florida, visiting my dad who was dying of cancer. Suzy was with us, and she lifted the spirits of the staff, the visitors, and the patients.

Noticing the impact Suzy had on others, a grief-stricken man came to us and explained that his mother was in a coma. She was dying, and his grief revolved around the fact that he never had the opportunity to say kiss and hug her, before she lapsed into the coma. The doctors and nurses said it was hopeless.

Upon entering the mother’s room, Suzy suddenly jumped on her bed and began licking her face. The woman sat up in bed, looked at Suzy and yelled, “Rover!”

Rover was a Dalmatian that this woman had and loved 50 years ago. The woman amazingly was awake. She spoke to her son. They reminisced and hugged. They ate together. They looked at family pictures. They said goodbye, and she put
her head on her pillow and died.

The Doctors were speechless and amazed while her son sobbed his appreciation. The story of Suzy's kiss was published in the newspaper and she became a local hero overnight.

(Click here to see more pictures of Suzy along with the local newspaper article.)

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Suzy, the amazing Dalmation

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I'll never forget Suzy! NEW
by: John Ringling

Suzy was special. She was truly an amazing friend.
I remember when I visited and was under the weather
it seemed like Suzy sensed my difficulty and would
not leave my side until she believed that I felt
better. It was always impossible to consider Suzy
to be just another animal. She was warm, friendly,
and anxious to please. Visiting Suzy was a very
special event and one that made my heart smile.
God Bless her.

John Ringling

Suzy truly 'amazing' NEW
by: Paul Monday

I was at the hospice facility when Suzy performed
her miracle. Suzy was a pet who brought happiness
into the life of all that she met. I saw her
picking tangerines from a tree. I saw her visiting
at a home for the aged. I saw her with sick children. And I saw her when she welcomed 'Angel'
into her home. (Angel was a stray cat who Dick
and Louise found in a doctors office.) Suzy was
a blessing every day of her life. She now lives in
heaven...and God Bless her.

Paul Monday

Suzy made my day! NEW
by: John Conant

Suzy was truly an amazing Dalmation! Whenever
I needed a pick-me-up I would visit Suzy and she would literally make my day. I will never forget the day Suzy was in her yard, a place filled with fruit trees, and I said to her Suzy bring me a
tangerine. Suzy went to the tangerine tree, picked
one and brought it to me. We ate it together.
I absolutely loved this puppy.

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Suzy made me better!
by: Andy Hamiker

I was hospitalized following serious surgery. The doctors said that recovery would be slow and would require long term therapy. I was hurting and very depressed. One day, while I was feeling sorry for myself, a beautiful Dalmatian came into my room and literally lit up my life. She licked my hand and sat at my bed side waiting to be petted. The moment I began to pay attention to her she came up on my bed, licked my face, and like magic I felt better. It was like Suzy had brought hope and love into my life and where there was despair there was now a feeling of renewed determination to get better. For a number of days Suzy visited with me and, I believe, that her presence made the healing begin.
I'll never forget Suzy and the level of love that she brought to me.

Suzy and Tangerines
by: Margaret Simpson

I remember the day when Suzy was in her yard picking tangerines off the tree, pealing them and then enjoying the fruit. Suzy had pealed one and was about to eat it when I yelled "Suzy I'd like that one". Guess what...Suzy immediately ran to me, with the fruit in her mouth, and placed it in my hand. She waited for me to praise her and then ran back and continued her fruit picking. Suzy "The Amazing Dalmatian"...a name that fits her perfectly!

by: John Burma

I first met Suzy in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Suzy was there with Dick & Louise visiting Dick's dad who was experiencing his last days in hospice. Suzy had just performed her miracle. While visiting in Hospice Suzy was asked to go into the room of a woman who had sliped into a coma, ther doctors said that she was dying and that she would not awake. Suzy jumped on her bed,licked her face, and the woman sat up in bed...yelled 'Rover', Rover was a dalmatian she had 50 years ago. The lady huged her son, they ate dinner, they talked for awhile...and then she put her head down and died. Doctors and nurses were amazed...and Suzy was declared a hero. Suzy is appropriately called 'the amazing dalmatian'. Not just because of this instance. Her life was always filled with bringing joy to everyone she met. I'll never forget this magnificent pup.

starstarstarstarstar in a million!
by: Lydia oakdale

I've been training dogs for more than 30 years,
all breeds, and all sizes. Hundreds of pets which were all loved by their owners. Without question, I've never met a dog like Suzy. Suzy, with her one blue eye and one brown eye had a magnetic type personality that lit up a room whenever she entered. She was perfectly trained and made every visitor feel comfortable and welcomed in her home. To meet Suzy was an experience never to be forgotton!

Suzy made our hearts smile!
by: Marion Grant

Visiting with Suzy was always a special treat. She would simply overwhem us with her fabulous personality. When Suzy entered a room all conversations stopped. She would make it a point to touch everyone and demonstrated an astounding ability to make each person feel welcomed and important. After one trip around the room, on command from her master, she would revisit people as he mentioned their name. Knowing Suzy was a once in a life-time experience.

Marion Grant

Suzy has been a true blessing!
by: Clair Domingo

I've known Suzy since she was a tiny pup. She was only 8 weeks old when we first met and from that moment it was obvious that this was not just another dog. Suzy always searched out those in need of cheering up. She would come into a room filled with people and she would always visit with the person who was down in the dumps. You could see that she loved Dick with all her heart. She would respond immediately to commands and when he took her out to play you could feel her excitement. Suzy is the perfect friend.

Suzy, amazing in every way!
by: John Richter

I've been an animal lover all my life. I've lived with horses, cats, dogs, and more. All the animals were precious, with very special personalities. Suzy,however, seemed to have a magical quality about her. No matter what the occasion, when Suzy entered the room her simple presence seemed to provide joy, love, and enormous excitement for all that were there. Amazingly, Suzy would seem to search out those in need of cheering up, and she would remain by their side until they smiled. Suzy deserves the recognition as "the amazing dalmatian"!

Suzy the absolute best!
by: Ann Williams

Suzy is truly the most fantastic pet! She has one blue eye and one brown eye, and a most beautiful face. Always, when Suzy enters a room
it seems as if 'happiness' has arrived. Everyone smiles when they see Suzy and when she visits a hospital or a home for the aged everyone immediately brightens up. Suzy has always been a miracle worker and we will always love her dearly!

Suzy is one in a million
by: Paul Grey

Suzy, every time I saw her, was extra special.
she seemed to have a 6th. sense about people. It was almost magical the way she interacted with every one When someone was going thru a tough time, suzy would stay close and make an attempt to cheer them up. When it was play time Suzy was the best and when it was time to rest, she seemed to know and she would lie down and wait for instructions. Suzy is an amazing Dalmatian!

Paul Grey

Suzy...amazing beyond belief!
by: Steve Newman

Suzy is a Dalmatian everyone loves. When she visits nursing homes or hospitals she delivers joy where heart ache lives. When she walks the neighborhood people run from all directions just to touch her. Suzy's miracle, when she revived a comatose woman, brought tears, joy, and absolute amazement to everyone present. Suzy is truly amazing!

Steve Newman

Suzy absolutely incomparable!
by: Laura Corab

Suzy is more than just another dog. This Dalmatian has demonstrated, on many occasions, how special she was. I've seen her raise the spirits of a number of people, who were 'down in the dumps' and it seemed as if she sensed the need for special attention. Children love her and adults can't help petting her at every opportunity. Suzy is truly a God sent!

Laura Corab

Suzy the amazing dalmatian, truly amazing!
by: Al Gold

Suzy easily deserves 5 stars. I've visited the Hospice facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and
everyone continues to talk about Suzy's fantastic
accomplishment. God Bless Suzy...her mempry will
live on forever!

Al Gold

Suzy's a gem
by: A Suzy Fan

I've only met Suzy once, but all I can say is she is a real gem of a companion. You'll note I didn't say pet - because she is not a pet but a member of the Kalfus family.
She loves to be scratched and is so loving - she's great!

Suzy - a best buddy
by: Linda F.

I know about Suzy and the joy she brings to those she visits, but especially the love and enormous affection she has for her immediate family and the love they have for her.

She is a constant source of support and companionship in times of adversity and can always be counted on to raise spirits.

Sweet Kisses from Suzy
by: Diane Langenburg

I have had the priviledge of knowing Suzy since she was a brand new puppy. I could always count on her for a warm, wet kiss and greeting whenever I arrived to visit. She can cheer the sad, make the "lonely person's" day important, and make the best friend a person could want. She is an amazing part of the family....I'm glad she is in mine.

by: Kiersten Lewis

Suzy is an extra special girl ! She is friendly and loving and yes - full of kisses. Whenever we go for a visit to south Florida, the highlight of my little girl's trip is to go visit and play with Suzy !

Suzy is one of a kind
by: Louise Kalfus

We've had many pets...dogs, cats, birds, even squirels, and we have loved them all! It's impossible to appreciate the effect that Suzy has on people that meet her. She comes from a litter of 9 pups and she was the only one with a blue eye
and a brown eye. Of the 9 pups, her mother always
seemed to favor Suzy and it was obvious that Suzy's attachment to her mom was more than the
other pups. Suzy is warm, funny, friendly, and
always cooperative. Even when it's pill time, Suzy takes her medicine as if it was candy.

Suzy is truly very extra special!

Suzy is Amazing
by: Thomas Yeoman

I've known Suzy all her life and there is no doubt that she is an extraordinary Dalmation.

Suzy is a perfectly trained dog with a personality
uncommon in a breed that is known to be hyper and
difficult to control. She enjoys her vet visits and even looks forward to the nail trimming part.
She visits homes for the elderly and you can see the joy in her face when 'old folks' enjoy her.

Suzy, when she wakes up in the morning, immediately kisses Angel (the cat) and spends a good portion of her day playing with Angel, never
touching her food, and seeing that she is protected when we're outside.

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