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Bacon the Vegan Dog beats liver cancer

by Howard Krause
(Youngstown, Ohio)

Bacon the Vegan Dog!

Bacon the Vegan Dog!

My girlfriend and her family had three beautiful dogs when I met them. A Lab/Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Cleo, a Beagle mix named Mandi, and a little Chihuahua/Jack Russel named Bacon. They were all aging dogs, in their teens, but were very lovingly cared for and had a lot of personality!

One day, Bacon started vomiting. He couldn't keep any food down at all. His food would come back up in the exact same form it went down, completely undigested. We took him to the vet and after many tests, he was diagnosed with advanced stages of liver cancer.

The vet told us that his diet was to blame, sent us home with some very expensive medication, even more expensive canned food, and told us that even with all of this, Bacon would probably not live to the end of the month.

We were all very sad to hear this, and started doing some research on liver cancer and dog diets. We continued to find that the most difficult things for the liver to digest (in humans or in dogs) were corn, wheat, and meat products. Amazingly, the special "Liver Diet" food that the vet had sent us home with had those exact ingredients listed as the first three! We couldn't believe it.

After doing some more research, we found a few recipes for liver-healthy diets. Most called for rice mixed with different vegetables and a protein. Typically the protein was chicken, and many of them included chicken with tofu and/or lentils.

Being vegan ourselves, the family wondered what benefit the chicken could possibly offer the dog. Chicken is very low in vitamins, and protein is much easier to digest from vegetable sources.

We created a diet for Bacon. He would get the rice cooked with lentils or other beans, and a wide variety of healthy vegetables. We gave him the liver medication until it ran out (a month's supply), and then just gave him the special food.

When we took Bacon to the vet about six months later, the vet was astounded that he could no longer detect any amount of liver cancer. We decided right then and there that we would switch all of the dogs to a vegan diet. It has now been about two years, and Bacon is as healthy as a puppy. We are so happy to still have him in our lives. We are currently fostering a fourth dog and he has made the switch to a vegan diet as well.

I would highly recommend to anyone that loves their dog, or loves the environment that they consider making a switch to a vegan diet for their dogs. Commercial dog foods are literally killing our dogs every day!

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Recipe? NEW
by: Anonymous

So what is the diet you fed Bacon? I have a dog with pretty serious liver cancer now and it's getting hard for him to eat. I can't find anything on here that shows the recipe you fed your dog. Thanks

protein NEW
by: Anonymous

I hear that the dogs with cancer have a really high protein and low carb need. This is what I have heard across the board. This would rule out a vegan diet correct?

Wow, great news
by: CCYC

Wow...bacon really lived and beat the liver cancer? That is good news to hear! Just curious.
Was turmeric ever part of the regime or it was good old rice, meat and vege all the way?

bacon.. and
by: deb

hi, I cryed when I read about bacon, I lost a dog 7 yrs ago, but now have had a sweet cocker spaniel for a little over 6 yrs, she is my life:), I am so sorry for your loss with bacon, I want to ask you, what do you think of the ingredients in a vegan dog food called v-dog? thanks

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for the update on Bacon's incredible story. Also good to hear your other dogs are thriving on their diet, may they live as long as Bacon did !!
Could you please tell me if you used or continue to use any supplements to repkace the amino acids in a vegan dog diet or is this another myth that they are needed?
Kind regards

Bacon update
by: Edwina-Athena

Bacon just passed away this winter. It was very sad but in the end he simply died of old age. He was between 18-22 years old. He lived for 3 years after he was given the night to live. He thrived, played, and ate all the carrots he could until the last few weeks. A great pup, friend, and soul. Our other dogs are all still eating vegan diets and Mandi, the oldest, now will be 18 in October!
There are also a lot of commercially available vegan/vegetarian dog foods now. I know that the Petsmart near our home in Ohio carries 2 different brands. We still like to cook for our friends but sometimes they get a little kibble as a treat. Thanks for the comments. Good Luck!

Amazing story
by: Julie

I found this story to be really inspiring. I was wondering if we could hve an update on Bacon's story as I don't know when this was written.

I have just lost my beloved dog after managing to extend his life by an incredible 18 months after being given a few weeks to live with aggressive cancer.
I didnt go vegetarian/vegan with him after so many people told me not to, but it was always a niggle in the back of my mind that "could he get well eating meat" when the human version of the protocol I used is vegetarian? I just don't buy this sharp teeth carnivore argument anymore and I am searching for more evidence.

by: Robyn Mary

Ironic name for a vegan dog, no?

Anyway, great story. I am in the process of switching my dog to a home-cooked vegetarian diet. She gets a little meaty kibble (we buy Organix), but I mostly feed her fresh whole grains and veggies now (which she LOVES!). I cooked for her last night, so her next few meals will be brown rice, lentils, sweet potatoes, beets, argula and a little garlic and olive oil. :)

grains bad for dogs??
by: brit

I keep reading that grains are harmful to dogs so I am so confused! Btw if you are soaking beans you must throw out the soak water otherwise can cause gas (humans and dogs). I want to do the best for my dog and as a vegetarian myself I would certainly like to do without the meat in their diet. However latest research seems to show that fresh meat and veggies make the best diet for them. Even the vegan/veg people mention that a vegan diet can cause bladder stones in dogs as their diet is supposed to be less alkaline than ours. This scares me. Very confused on this issue :( brit

5 Healthy dogs and all VEGANS!
by: Anonymous

Hi. I have 5 dogs and since I am vegan so are they. They eat 100% human food and I give them only homemade food. I DO NOT use any flea medicines, I DO NOT give them any heartworms medicine and starting this year I will NOT be taking them for 'yearly vaccinations' which btw are harmful and toxic for our pets. My dogs are never sick and have no fleas ever.
This is the way I prepare their food:-
1. Soak brown rice, lentils, pinto beans, black eyes peas, black beans and red kidney beans overnight in the water. You can make any combo of beans and lentils as you like also depending on your dog's size.
2. Boil the food along with more water and atleast 10-15% apple cider vinegar.
3. Add 2-3 cinnamon sticks, tumeric (anti-cancer and antibacterial), cumin, corriandor and pich of salt. You can add some more spices as they are very beneficial and fight off bacteria and cancers.
4. At last, just when you see your beans and rice have softened and boiled completely (30-45 mins), add as many veggies as you like. You can rotate the veggies so your pooch gets all the nutrition and enjoys the food. Add carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, broccolli...and mix. Let the steam and the heat cook the veggies but not too much as you dont want to rid the nutrients.
5. Serve with oil (safflower, grapeseed, flax, coconut or omega) and 2-3 garlic cloves.

vegan dog diet
by: Anonymous

I was wondering how much you feed your dog, cups per weight. I have a Great Dane with cancer who I'm switcing to a vegan diet but I am worried I'm not feeding her enough protein. I tried giving her spirulina powder but she doesn't really care for it. She eats rice, beans, and mixed veggies.

We also do not eat wheat, corn, or soy. But I guess without any other choice I could feed my dog soy. Any suggestions?

I love Bacon
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad that Bacon is still around to amuse us all and love and be loved!

by: Bacon's Cousin

So glad that my cousin dog (I am his girlfriend's cousin) is doing well! Such an amazing story and even more amazing animal! BACON BACON BACON!

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