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Babesiosis Treatec with Imizol-Minimizing Risks

by Ruxi

What can I naturally do for babesiosis, renal insufficiency risk (due to babesia and imizol).

Gave Lach c7 (didn't have crotalus that I see in studies about babesia), perfusions, vitamins, nopal cactus, noni, hippophae rhamnoides oil. Also one dose Arnica 30 for trombosis before instead that lach acts on trombs.

Also tissue salts na mur, na sulp, mag phos calc carb. I have renes and liver (sarcodes Arsen alb is nice for toxic drugs, renal insuff, liver etc but i think antidotes lach

The puppy is fine but it s just 24 h after imizol, don t have biochemicam analyses yet

Food-carrot beet liver turkey slight griiled w. bones

Furosemid twice
Today started clindamicin, dont want another dose of imizol....

My dogs have Killtix, and a natural collaf, but another 3 dogs have ticks. One had babesia in past. The infestation is high iand 5000 mp of yard where dogs run....cant get reed of all grass. Started clindamicin don't want to risk imizol, not sure about doses-gave 300mg/20 kg oral.

Vets recommend very long treatment but I think if I give tissue salts, lach 7c and treat all dogs with bioresonance maybe I can limit to one week. The bioresoanance found babesia in the ill puppy also pointed to an infection.

Any additional advice for these dogs?
What about ticks? I hear foresto is the best but soo expensive, not sure if it 100% efficient.

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Mar 31, 2015
My Online Vet Response for: Babesiosis Treated with Imizol-Minimizing Risks
by: Dr Carol Jean Tillman

March 30, 2015

Hi Ruxi,

For adverse reactions to a drug or toxin, I suggest you give Nux vomica 12C or 30C by mouth every 8 hours for three days, or as needed. Since you do not have any specific symptoms at this time, it is not possible to determine a homeopathic remedy. A homeopathic remedy is given based on the symptoms of 'like cures like'. You give a remedy in a minute dilution, that, in higher concentrations, would produce the symptoms of the disease you are seeing. It sounds like you are giving remedies on signs of Babesia before they have happened.

You wrote,
"The puppy is fine but it's just 24 h after imizol, don t have biochemical analyses yet."

You wrote,
"Food-carrot beet liver turkey slight grilled w. bones"
Homemade diets are healthy, and I agree with a raw meat diet, with raw bones. But cooked or grilled bones will become brittle and splinter. So, be very cautious and DO NOT feed grilled bones.

You wrote,
"Furosemide twice"
I would have waited to see if there was any kidney involvement. Giving a diuretic first, may put more stress on the kidneys.

You wrote,
"Today started clindamicin, don't want another dose of imizol....not sure about doses-gave 300mg/20 kg oral."

Since I use antibiotics so infrequently, I can only refer you to the dose listed for Clindamycin in Plumb's Veterinary Drug Handbook.
For Babesia infections, 25mg/kg by mouth TWO times daily for 7-21 days.

You wrote,

"My dogs have Killtix, and a natural collar, but another 3 dogs have ticks. One had babesia in past. The infestation is high iand 5000 mp of yard where dogs run....cant get rid of all grass."

Try the product called EVOLV, that is used on the dog or puppy, from And they carry a product that you can spray around the household. (Since your yard is too large to treat.)

You wrote,

"Vets recommend very long treatment but I think if I give tissue salts, lach 7c and treat all dogs with bioresonance maybe I can limit to one week. The bioresoanance found babesia in the ill puppy also pointed to an infection."

Again, you are using the Lachesis before there are any symptoms of disease from Babesia. Using tissue salts and the Bioresonance would be fine to help support their immunity. Follow up with lab work to detect any liver or kidney problems and treat the symptoms. Milk thistle 8mg/lb is a great herb for liver problems, if they have liver problems.

You wrote,
"Any additional advice for these dogs?"
Supplement with acidophilus in the diet since you have started treatment with the Clindamycin.

You wrote,
"What about ticks? I hear foresto is the best but soo expensive, not sure if it 100% efficient."

I do not think that any tick collar is 100% effective if there are a HUGE number of ticks in the environment. Check out the EVOLV from At least you are not introducing more toxins into their systems.

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Take care,
Dr. Carol Jean Tillman

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DISCLAIMER: The above should never replace the advice of your local veterinarian, as they have the ability to evaluate your dog in person.

Apr 03, 2015
by: ruxi

I made the biochemical analyses after 48 h after imizol,they were almost perfect just creatinin very little higher and amylase normal, but toward the minimum normal. Started some digestive enzymes and pancreas d12(sarcode) . Unfortunately i dont know much about sarcodes, they are used extensevly by Nelson in bioresonance(their frequencies of couse). I wish there were more about them in books or on the internet . I found a nice article
I wonder were i can find more about sarcodes posology, if a healthy subject can take them( for ex.i suspect my pancreas is not perfect, i have a hypoglicemia tendencies and an addiction to sweets). I bought a Pancreas c7 cause it s considered an equilibrating potency.
Maybe i should have give Renes(kidney extract) to Peticel to sustain her kidneys instead of furosemid.

About lachesis i gave only 4 days and in a 7C dillution, so i dont think anything will happen, they are healthy animals . I actually know a friend that develop a Pathogenesis, (dont know the english word)after lachesis(just a.coincidence), but it was an insane posology, 30c twice a day more than 10 ,days I usually give 30 c 2 days twice a day(except emergencys, accute cases ofcourse). When she told me about heart problems that she never had, and about a purple/bluish. coulour that she perceived her mouth i suspected a pathogenesis. Those things should resolve naturally after a while, she refused to take another remedy to antidote ....

About antidoting imizol i was thinking more aboutArsen, cause it s used in counteracting poisons, and cause imizol is cancer-causing. I have a C6 . I know nux vom is for detox but it usually antidotes most remedies, so i dont use it often. Also i am 9o%Arsenicum album, and i observed there is a connection between the pets and the owner including the useful remedies! Of course the most effective it will be a remedy made of imizol, and from clindamicin-it will be a lot of work to obtain a C 7 at least, dont know if a D dillution will be enough.
After antibiotics i used Sulphur C6 in the past, it is another remedy good in detoxing

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