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Welcome to the first Ask-a-Veterinarian online service with veterinarians certified, licensed and trained in both conventional and holistic medicine.

Ask Dr. Tillman or Dr. Brienen any pet care question (and submit photos if you have them) and get an in-depth answer no later than tomorrow* in 3 simple steps...

...before spending $50 or more on an unnecesary trip to the vet.

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*In most cases, your question will be answered today if you submit it before 4:00pm EST and no later than tomorrow if you submit after 4:00pm EST (excluding Sundays & 3 holidays). However, please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

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We recommend the 3 question per month option for a couple of reasons... Our vets will always provide as direct and thorough a response as possible based on your submitted question and picture. But from time to time, even if you only plan on asking one question per month, you may need to ask a follow up question either directly to your vet's response or after following their advice.

In addition, the 3 questions per month service is a much better value at just over $3 per question.

However, if you don't think you will have follow up questions and you don't think you will ask more than one question per month, the 1 question per month option will save you a couple of dollars.

This option is still well worth the peace of mind of having a top veterinarian review and respond to your specific issue.

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