Alternative Medicine for Dogs

Combining alternative medicine for dogs with conventional vet care is the only effective way to avoid health problems before they arise and effectively treat them afterwards.

Holistic veterinarians maintain a strong focus on patient well-being and stress reduction, which is accomplished through a combination of several techniques, treatments, herbal medicines and life adjustments.

In addition to the most common holistic treatments, this page will help you understand:

Alternative Medicine for Dogs : Treatment Options

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Following are the most common holistic treatment options for dogs. Click the links for more information about each...

Also see our Common Dog Health Problems & Natural Treatments page for information and advice about specific conditions.

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How Do "Alternative Dogs" Differ from Other Dogs?

The general philosophy of holistic veterinary medicine is to consider each and every aspect of animal care. Holistic vets tend to be advocates for alternative treatments in conjunction with conventional practices in order to promote complete, "whole" health.

Non-holistic dog care focuses on treating one problem at a time. It also may favor medication or surgery over natural remedies and treatments.

Our Dog Vet Care Comparison page dives into all of the differences between conventional vets and holistic vets.

Before meeting with a holistic vet, educate yourself about alternative medicine for dogs and specifically how it could apply to your dog (Organic Pet Digest is a good place to start... we have over 300 pages of in-depth content and counting!).

After you're feeling dangerous, call a few holistic dog care specialists in your area. Puppy
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Ask general questions over the phone about each of the following points to determine which local dog vet care practice appears to have the most experience:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Home environment
  • Activity level
  • Psychological state

During your first visit, your vet will dig deeper into each of these issues. She will consider the impact of each area in order to treat your dog and make recommendations that will prevent future problems.

The veterinarians focusing on alternative medicine for dogs rely strongly on their relationship with both the dog and his owner. In order to have a full understanding of what the dog may need, holistic vets believe it is necessary to develop a relationship where both sides feel free to express ideas and concerns.

Here's how you can find one in your area...

How to Locate an Animal Care Dog Holistic Specialist
in Your Area

First, if you're not sure which holistic dog care specialty is right for your dog you can ask a veterinarian directly which treatment make the most sense (or any other specific dog care question) through My Online Vet.

animal care dog holistic

Click here to search for holistic vets in your state as compiled by the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. Since the "sort" function does not always work properly, try this:

  1. Click on the "Edit"; button on the top of your internet browser window
  2. Click "Find on this page"
  3. Type one of the following in the box:
    • Name of your city (i.e. "San Francisco")
    • Your area code followed by a dash (i.e. "415-")
  4. Continue to click "find next" to jump to each holistic vet in your area

For search tools specific to each common holistic dog care treatment, click on the above common treatment links. We searched the web for the most credible and complete provider listings specific to each treatment. Assuming a directory exists online, you will find our favorite in a text box like this within each link.

You can also find the consolidated list of directories on our Dog Vet Care page.

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