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OPD's Dog Care Monthly, Issue #008-- Valentine's Day Edition
February 09, 2009

Issue #008, February 2009

Stay on top of the latest dog care research and trends for knowledge that will help to keep your dog healthy and happy. Each month's edition of OPD's Dog Care Monthly will include:

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In This Issue

Dog Care News You Can Use:

  • A New Puppy for Your Valentine

  • Valentine's Day for Your Dog

Organic Pet Digest Web Site Updates:

  • Your Dog's Best Kiss Could Make Them OPD's Organic Dog of the Month!

Organic, Natural and Holistic Dog Care
News You Can Use

A New Puppy for Your Valentine

Ahhh…can you feel it? Yes, love is surely in the air as we approach the most romantic day of the year. What better way to give and receive that love than with a precious new puppy?!

If you are considering adding one more bundle of love to your family - whether it’s your first or your fifth - there are some important things to consider when searching for the perfect dog breeder.

Things have changed over the past few years in the world of dog breeding, so we want to help guide you through the process of selecting a quality dog breeder and to avoid the un-ethical puppy mills.

Below is a simple checklist of things to consider when selecting a dog breeder.

  1. Avoid Pet Shops - Over the past ten years, laws have been passed to prevent the sale of dogs in pet shops, but there are still places in the country that allow this practice. Buying a new puppy from a pet shop may appeal to your spur-of-the-moment window-shopping desires, but it is not the smart choice. Dogs sold in pet shops rarely come with a detailed history and are sold to anyone willing to pay. Simply put…you have no idea what you are getting!

  2. Do your Research - It is important to learn as much as possible about the breed of dog you are looking to adopt. You want to make sure that the breed you choose is the right fit for your family’s lifestyle. Once you have done this, keep an eye out for that particular breed in your neighborhood or town, and find out where they purchased their dog. Referrals are a great way to link up with reputable breeders in your area.

  3. Be Prepared With Questions for the Breeders - Once you get together a list of possible breeders, be prepared to make the initial calls. Here are a few important ones to ask:

    • Find out the health history of the breeders dogs. A good breeder should have this information available to share.
    • Ask about the puppy’s parents. At least one of the parents should be on the premises, preferably both. Find out if you will be able to meet the parents when you pick out your puppy.
    • Find out how many litters they have per female each year. Females should only be bred twice per year, so this is a very important question. Reputable breeders will likely put you on a waiting list for a puppy, since they will not have puppies readily available.
    • Lastly, find out if the breeder is breeding more than one breed of dog. It is always best to buy from a breeder that focuses on strictly one breed.

  4. Get References - Ask the breeder to share their references with you. A reputable breeder should have numerous happy families to use as references.
  5. Expect a Guarantee - A good breeder will want to make sure that they are making a good match between you and one of their puppies. You can expect to answer questions regarding your lifestyle and past pet history. The breeder should offer a money-back guarantee in case things don’t work out within the first few weeks. Make sure you get this…otherwise you could be out a lot of money along with the issue of finding a new home for the puppy.
  6. Remember the Rescue Shelters - As a result of the down economy, there are more animals than ever in the rescue shelters. These animals need a loving home and could be the perfect addition to your family!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

If you already have the perfect furry valentine, then surely they would appreciate a special gift this Valentine’s Day!

We've recently discovered fetchdog, an outstanding site with tons of original products that aren't available anywhere else. Check 'em out along with their Valentines's Day gift ideas (once on their page, click "Valentine's" in the top part of the left margin).

It may just earn you some extra luvin' from that little special someone!

OPD Web Site Updates

Your Dog's Best Kiss Could Make Them OPD's Organic Dog of the Month!

Each month, we will pick a new topic and ask for your opinions, stories and pictures.

Then you simply type your story, upload your dog's picture and submit your contribution. Top contributions will have their own web pages created on our site, and each month we'll choose a winner to receive a $10 gift certificate to our favorite online store. The winner will also have their dog's picture posted on our home page for the month!

Ready for this month's topic? We sort of gave it away in the heading, but we're going to start with a funny one that fits with the season...

Show us your dog's best kiss caught on camera! Tell us about the picture, and if you're feeling up to it, tell us about your dog's most unique way of showing affection.

Click here to share your dog's picture and story and to view contributions from others!

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? We'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this zine and tell us what you think!

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