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OPD's Dog Care Monthly, Issue #007 -- Dog Theft; Your Local Vet
January 07, 2009

Issue #007, January 2009

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In This Issue

Dog Care News You Can Use:

  • Dog Theft Prevention

  • Four Legged Hero

Organic Pet Digest Web Site Updates:

  • Your Local Holistic Vet

Organic, Natural and Holistic Dog Care
News You Can Use

Dog Theft Prevention

Many of us donít think twice about leaving our dog in the car to run a quick errand or letting them play unattended in the back yard. But according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), such actions could lead to pet theft.

Because there is no official poll taken for the number of pet theft cases each year, there is no firm indication that pet theft is on the rise. However, many animal rights activists and the ASPCA make it clear that this problem is not to be ignored.

On February 4, 1966 the Laboratory Animal Welfare Act was the first act to be passed through congress supporting anti-theft and anti-cruelty measures. The use of animals as test subjects was the main instigator for pet theft the year this legislation was passed.

In 2009 pet theft is still a major issue, only now the driving factors are designer dogs, puppy mills and the internet. With designer dogs costing upwards of $3,000 and the internet making them available to you the next day with overnight shipping, law enforcement has little to no control over the inhumane actions happening each and every day.

Therefore, it is important that we act as responsible pet owners and make sure we do everything in our power to protect our dogs from becoming the next pet theft victim.

Here are some important tips for keeping your dog safe:

  • The most beneficial thing that you can do for your dogs is to get them micro-chipped. If you havenít heard of micro-chipping, itís a safe and painless procedure where the vet inserts a tiny chip into a specific area of the dogís body. This chip is a non-removable source of vital information and is used to recognize the dog in case it gets lost.
  • Donít leave your dog unattended in the back yard while you are away from home. According to the ASPCA, many owners reported dog theft from their own backyard. Leaving your dog locked up inside or in a fully caged and locked area outside (including overhead) is surely the safest route.
  • Since the majority of pet theft cases are driven by the desire to breed expensive dogs, it is best to keep the price of your dog to yourself. If a stranger comes up to you at the park and asks seemingly innocent questions regarding your dogs price tag and breeding information, a simple, ďIím not sure,Ē will do the trick. Obviously, most people are simply interested in your cute pooch, but you can never be certain.
  • Never leave your dog in an unattended car, even if the doors are locked. If someone really wants to get into your car, they will most likely find a way.
  • Donít tie your dog up to a lamp post outside your favorite coffee shop. Almost every morning I see an adorable dog sitting alone on the sidewalk, tied to some random object and waiting patiently for their owner to return. Yes, itís usually going to be a safe option for you and your pet, but it only takes one time for your pet to be taken.

  • Four Legged Hero

    A brave Black Labrador named Treo and his handler, Sgt David Heyhoe, were honored last week with a coveted national award for their excellent work in finding hidden Taliban bombs in the war torn country of Afghanistan.

    Treo was named Best Armed Forces Animal after receiving 93 separate nominations, more than any other member of the armed forcesÖwhether on two legs or four!

    Sgt David Heyhoe stated, ďIf it was not for Treo, I certainly would not have come home, and neither would have a lot of other soldiers.Ē Treo was one of about 20 other dogs on the front line of the war.

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