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OPD's Dog Care Monthly, Issue #005 -- Cold Season & Turkey Day Advice
November 06, 2008

Issue #005, November 2008

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In This Issue

Dog Care News You Can Use:

  • Cold Weather and Your Dog

  • An Important Tip About Feeding Your Dog During Thanksgiving Dinner

Organic Pet Digest Web Site Updates:

  • Is pet health insurance right for you?

Organic, Natural and Holistic Dog Care
News You Can Use

Cold Weather and Your Dog

The winter months are here again and that means special considerations for our dogs’ health and safety.

Certain areas of the country deal with excessive snow and freezing temperatures while other areas experience a mere chill in the air. So, depending on your location, certain winter factors may or may not have an effect on your dog’s daily routine.

We at OPD thought it was important to consider some of the main problems you might come across when taking care of your dog in the cold, and also give you some helpful pointers around making your dog’s life a little bit warmer!

1) The daily walk in the snow

Taking your dog for a walk is probably a pleasant pastime for you both during the warm spring and summer months. But the moment ice starts forming on the street and snow begins collecting on the main patch of pee-grass, it can quickly turn into a nightmare!

One big consideration for smaller dogs or dogs with very short hair are their comfort levels when out in freezing temperatures. There are many dogs that seem like they’re bred for romping in the snow, with their long thick fur and sturdy tough paws. If that doesn’t sound like your dog, consider purchasing a nice warm doggie jacket and possibly some doggie boots to protect their paws from ice and salt on the roads.

When choosing the right dog jacket for your dog, keep in mind that it should be easy to get on and off and should be weather resistant. It’s important to purchase a jacket made from natural or organic fibers. Also, try and remember it’s comfort over style…our dogs could care less what they look like! Your dog might not enjoy the jacket or boots at first, but ease them into it and they will soon grow used to and even like the idea of warm clothing covering their back.

2) Grooming not just for summer fun

Grooming your dog in the winter is just as important as it is in the warmer months. A dog’s coat is what protects them from the elements, and when it’s not properly maintained and free from mats and burrs, it is not able to hold in warmth as effectively.

Regular grooming will help ensure proper body temperature during the winter months and will also help to keep your dog’s paws clean and healthy. The paws can acquire a build up of salt and other debris if the hair between the pads is kept too long, so make sure to trim it regularly.

3) Sleepy dogs

Depending on the location of your dog’s sleeping space, it may be necessary to provide some extra warm blankets to ensure they do not get too cold at night.

There are dog beds on the market that are made to provide your dog with extra warmth while sleeping. Some of them have warm coils that naturally hold in warmth and others work similarly to an electric blanket. Another dog bed consideration is a dog air bed, which helps keep the dog extra warm and cozy on those cold nights.

We are currently researching the best dog beds, so check our dog supplies page regularly for updates or sign up for our RSS feed in the left margin of our web site to be notified when we post new articles.

An Important Note About Thanksgiving Dinner

Even though many of our dogs love a good bone to chew and bury in the yard, make sure that you do not give them any cooked bones from your thanksgiving turkey!

Cooked bones can crack and splinter and cause your dog to choke, can cut their throat and can can even be fatal! So feel free to share some turkey meat from the feast, but make sure to dispose of all cooked bones.

Click here to learn more about feeding your dog bones and other "people food."

OPD Web Site Updates

Pet Insurance and You

Is pet insurance right for you? If so, what type is best?

Which plan and company should you choose?

We have done all of the leg work for you and lay out the analysis on our pet health insurance and pet insurance reviews pages.

Check ‘em out!

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