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OPD's Dog Care Monthly, Issue #004 -- Halloween & Presidential Pets
October 09, 2008

Issue #004, October 2008

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In This Issue

Dog Care News You Can Use:

  • Halloween Tips

  • Presidential Pets - Do Obama and McCain Have Pets?

Organic Pet Digest Web Site Updates:

  • As Requested, Two New Sections Under Development!

Organic, Natural and Holistic Dog Care
News You Can Use

Make It a Happy Halloween for You and Your Dog

Halloween is supposed to be a joyous night of spook-tacular fun for the whole family - including your dog! Imagine this night through the eyes of your dog… little laughing creatures running from house to house, door bells ringing left and right and LOTS of new scents.

So what do you do if your dog does not behave in a socially acceptable manner? That’s a tough one, as there is no way to fully prepare your dog for this night full of stimulation. You must be the one to remain cool, calm and collected, so prepare your patience!

Here are a few tips to consider on Halloween night:

  • First of all, you must measure your dog’s excitability meter. If it’s high, don’t take him through the neighborhood with you and your kids. If it’s low, then put on his hot dog costume and head out the door! Getting a calm, well trained dog out of the house on Halloween can make the night that much more fun and memorable.
  • If your dog does not have the personality type to cope well with hundreds of kids in costumes, then it’s better to leave him at home.
  • If you decide to stay home to greet trick-or-treaters, consider crating your dog or creating a cozy spot in a closed-off room that is away from the action.
  • If you are hitting the streets with the all of the ghosts, Harry Potters, Ironmans, Batmans and WALL-E’s, make sure you grab the small 4 ft. leash rather than the retractable one. This will prevent any unneeded tangle-ups with neighborhood kids or fellow dogs.
  • Keep a close eye on your dog while walking the dark streets. Make sure they don’t pick up any discarded candy or wrappers that could cause choking.
  • And speaking of candy, chocolate is a BIG no-no for dogs. Keeping the Halloween candy in a safe, unpenetrable location is very important for their health and safety.

Obama & McCain and the Next Presidential Pets

With the election closing in, aren’t you curious?

According to the Rocky Mountain News, there is an interesting story for both candidates.

John McCain’s home is bursting at the seams! Here’s the scoop for the McCains…

  • 1 English springer spaniel, Sam
  • 1 mutt, Coco
  • 2 Yorkshire terriers, Lucy and Desi
  • 1 cat, Oreo
  • 1 ferret
  • 2 turtles, Cuff and Link
  • 3 parakeets
  • 13 saltwater fish

Barack Obama’s family is at a much different stage. While they currently have no pets, Senator Obama has promised his two daugters a new dog as soon as the race for the White House is over.

Click here for the story and pictures.

OPD Web Site Updates

Two New Sections Under Development - Dog Supplies & Pet Insurance

We appreciate all of your feedback, suggestions and compliments…

…keep ‘em coming!

By popular demand, our most recent project is to thoroughly research (as usual!) and publish information relating to natural and organic dog supplies and pet insurance.

Click here to check out the dog supplies topics that made the list, and check back often to find our new additions. Alternatively, you can click on the “RSS” button in the left margin of our site to automatically be notified when we’ve added a new page.

We also receive many questions about whether pet insurance is “worth it” and, if so, which pet insurance is the best. The short answer is that pet insurance is right for some and not right for others. For those who should have it, there are countless companies and options and waaaaaaaay to much fine print. We are evaluating all options out there and will help you figure out which plan, if any, is right for your family.

Stay tuned!

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