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Hi. I have 5 dogs and since I am vegan so are they. They eat 100% human food and I give them only homemade food.

I DO NOT use any flea medicines, I DO NOT give them any heartworm medicine and starting this year I will NOT be taking them for 'yearly vaccinations' which are harmful and toxic for our pets. My dogs are never sick and have no fleas ever.

This is the way I prepare their food:

1. Soak brown rice, lentils, pinto beans, black eyes peas, black beans and red kidney beans overnight in the water. You can make any combo of beans and lentils as you like also depending on your dog's size.

2. Boil the food along with more water and at least 10-15% apple cider vinegar.

3. Add 2-3 cinnamon sticks, turmeric (anti-cancer and antibacterial), cumin, coriander and pinch of salt. You can add some more spices as they are very beneficial and fight off bacteria and cancers.

4. At last, just when you see your beans and rice have softened and boiled completely (30-45 mins), add as many veggies as you like. You can rotate the veggies so your pooch gets all the nutrition and enjoys the food. Add carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, broccolli...and mix. Let the steam and the heat cook the veggies but not too much as you dont want to rid the nutrients.

5. Serve with oil (safflower, grapeseed, flax, coconut or omega) and 2-3 garlic cloves.

For breakfast they all eat toasted oats cereal, wheat bread, banana. Some days they eat freshly prepared whole grain oats with flax seeds and oil.


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Vegan Pooch NEW
by: Anonymous

I find it concerning that there is so much controversial and misinformation out there to mislead good-hearted pet owners.

In response to the recipe here..please do not feed your dogs garlic..or any spices that you want. These can have serious side effects and are toxic to dogs. Do your research first. Excess salt should not be given to your dogs either because their bodies can not process it.

Do have faith though. My dog was on her death bed with liver disease. All the vet could do for me was proscribe "Liver formulated" pet foods that are pushed by the industry.

My dog over a year later is healthier and happier than ever being on an organic, plant based, vegan diet. The oldest recorded living dog was a 28 year old vegan pooch. Its all about doing thorough information and using some common sense.

Toasted Oat Cereal for breakfast...? NEW
by: Anonymous

I just discovered this site and was quite interested in what it had to offer...but this article stopped me in my tracks, and I wonder if this "recipe" for dog food is legitimate.

I don't use flea/tick medicines, but heartworms are something you don't want to mess with. I don't use traditional medicines (I follow a natural approach myself)...but simply feeding a vegan diet will not rid the dog of potential heartworms as this post alleges.

Adding spices is beneficial...but feeding your dog 10-15% ACV is a bit much and can cause their Ph to be unbalanced.

Dogs are not vegans, people can be vegans...but not dogs. I can't follow any site that promotes a vegan diet for dogs...much less encourages the feeding of toasted oat cereal for a morning meal.

by: Anonymous

I am a vegan myself and I HATE having to buy meat products for my dogs! I found this article while researching whether or not a vegan diet is safe and healthy for dogs. Of course I want it to be true, so I have to be extra careful not to search for the information I want to find.
One of the commenters posted about the vegan diet that they feed their dogs. I became concerned when I read the suggestion to throw in more spices because it would be healthier. I had the thought, "I hope people don't read this and just think they can throw anything in there." Reading further, I noticed a number of red flags. Who suggested this diet? Where did you get your recipes? How do you ensure a balanced diet?
Then I saw the "throw in a couple cloves of garlic" part and I freaked out! GARLIC IS TOXIC TO DOGS!!! This tells me this commenter either made this up based on their own preferences, or they listened to some very poor advice. PLEASE read and research heavily before making such an important decision! When you have a stomach ache, do you just go wander through the shelves of the pharmacy saying, "This prescription says it helps stomache aches, I'll just pop these pills till I feel better, I'm sure it will be fine."?
Read the article below, or one of the MANY sources, which will confirm the dangers of garlic and other toxins. Pets are family too, make sure they are respected as such by getting the facts.

Sounds Amazing!!
by: Morleysaurus

My darling little Beagle is on a diet (along with even more exercise than our already exercise filled days) and when I saw your post, I just had to try. So I went out and got all the bits tonight and after giving him some canned mixed beans with green beans etc. along with rice and stuff tonight, I'll do the full thing tomorrow once I've allowed stuff to soak overnight. As a Vegan myself, I am always very aware of what my dog is eating...unfortunately, nobody else around me was...hence why he has gotten a bit chubby!! Now everyone is under strict orders NOT to feed him, there's no point in me putting in all this work for it to be undone by someone who thinks feeding a dog half a pizza is fine!! :/ Will let you know how I get on with this. :)

Skipping heartworm meds is not a good idea
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to respond about your not giving your dogs heartworm meds because they are considered 'toxic'. While, maybe you can skip flea solution and some vaccinations--heartworm is not something you want to mess with!

My dog was treated for heartworm and that arsenic-based injection she received is far more toxic than the monthly preventatives. Not to mention the permanent damage it caused to her heart and the thousand dollars spent on her treatment-- outweighs all the cons of heartworm pills.

While I might have agreed with you before about not giving preventatives, now I know how serious heartworm is. I think it is dangerous and irresponsible not to administer preventatives if not for your dog's sake, but for the safety of other animals who may be exposed to the mosquitoes that bit your dogs.

-- ADMINISTRATOR COMMENT -- See the following pages for more information: Dog Heartworm Symptoms & Signs and
Sounds good
by: Joe

I'd love to skip the heartworm medication, but I have far too many mosquitoes in the area to risk it. As it is, I've accidentally skipped months.

I'd love to get my cat on a vegan/vegetarian food, but cat-food with synthetic taurine is notoriously hard to come by.

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