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Your dog's 10 best dog food options are completely dependent on his or her specific situation. But don't worry...

Not only will we help you quickly and easily determine which food is best for your dog, the below links will also provide you with loads of information about WHY a specific food is right.

Following are the "quick links" for dog food and treat-related topics reviewed throughout our site. If you're not sure where to begin, click the section headings below or scroll down the page to read summary descriptions of each article...

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What's the Difference Between Dog Foods?

Analyzing Your Dog's Food

Choosing the Right Dog Food

Dog Food Dangers

What's the Difference Between Dog Foods?

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Evolution of Dog Food

The evolution of dog food has taken a giant leap forward in the last several years through the gradual reemergence of a natural dog food diet.

Click here to learn how the evolution of dog food applies to your dog.

Max and Roxie
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Natural Organic Dog Food vs. Most Commercial Dog Food

Natural organic dog food keys to finding the best brands, differences from commercial dog food, negative effects of harmful food elements and regulatory agencies involved.

Click here to jump to our Natural Organic Dog Food Vs. Most Commercial Dog Food page to learn why the 10 best dog food options are all organic in nature.

Raw Natural Dog Food

Is raw natural dog food better than cooked food or organic store-bought dog food? Yes and no.

Click here to review our Raw Natural Dog Food page to learn whether a raw food diet could be right for your dog.

Also see the guest article written by Laurie Montean, President of mORIGINS raw dog food and raw cat food: Raw Food Diet for Dogs - Revolution vs. Evolution.

Raw Lamb Dog Food

Raw lamb dog food is a great red meat alternative to beef.

Click here to learn which store-bought brands are best and how to choose and prepare your own raw lamb.

Vegan or Vegetarian Diet for Dogs

Is a vegetarian diet for dogs safe? How about vegan?

See our Vegan / Vegetarian Diet for Dogs page before deciding to take this route... it will teach you the best vegetarian diet for your dog to ensure peak health while minimizing the risks.

High Fiber Dog Food

High fiber dog food could be your answer for several health issues, such as obesity, constipation and high blood sugar.

Low Sodium Dog Food

A low sodium dog food may or may not be right for your dog, as it is not necessarily consistent with the evolution of dog food. None of these made the 10 best dog food list, as sodium is usually very beneficial. But review this page to find out if this kind of diet makes sense for your dog.

Pug Puppy in Sacking, USA
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Organic Puppy Food

Click here to learn how the evolution of dog food suggests that you feed your puppy from birth through adulthood.

Dog Food Prescription Diet

A dog food prescription diet, also called a “therapeutic” diet, is only available through your vet. It is used in conjunction with other holistic treatments for specific diseases or disorders.

Dog Organic Treat Choices

Confused by all of the dog organic treat choices? Use our quick organic dog treat checklist to find the right one for your dog.

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Analyzing Your Dog's Food

10 best dog food

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Healthy Label Test Dog Food Ratings

Make sense of each dog food label by using the first ever veterinarian-approved Healthy Label Test. The dog food ratings it provides for each food will look past the packaging and advertising to let you know just how healthy your dog's food really is.

You can also see our "5 out of 5" Dog Food Reviews page for a complete list of the dog foods whose high scores have been officially verified by Organic Pet Digest.

How to Read a Dog Food Label

Click here for a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to read a dog food label, including how labels try to trick you, ingredients to avoid and more! Also see our Dog Food Ingredients page for a complete list of ingredients and their definitions.

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Choosing the Right Dog Food

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Top 10 Dog Foods by Category

Dog food ratings high enough to make the list are tough to come by, as there are very few brands that consistently pass our Healthy Label Test with flying colors. Check out this page to see the dog foods that made the grade.

10 best dog food

My Online Vet MD -
Ask a Veterinarian

Want to ask Dr. Tillman for specific dog food advice, or do have a specific dog care question that you would like a veterinarian to answer directly?

Click here to sign up and Dr. Tillman will provide you with the online vet help you're looking for no later than end-of-day tomorrow.

Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Click here for homemade dog food recipes broken down by category along with general feeding/cooking guidelines.

Dog Dietary Supplements

Dog dietary supplements should be an essential part of your dog's diet... especially if your dog hasn't been transitioned to a raw dog food diet. Learn why, which supplements are best and what specific ailments especially apply.

Supplement Dog Health with Vitamin A, Vitamin B & Vitamin E

Three of the most common ways to supplement dog health are with calcium, oil and fat and vitamins. Click here to learn the facts about this all-important trio of vitamins.

Vitamin C for Dogs

Vitamin C for dogs is different than for humans for several reasons. And they may or may not need more depending on their bodies.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

The benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar abound for humans and for dogs - here we'll focus on those for your canine companion.

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Dog Food Dangers

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St. Bernard Dog, September 1976
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Recall of Dog Food

The largest-ever recall of dog food was sparked on March 16, 2007, which sparked the organic dog food movement and the re-focus on the evolution of dog food.

Click here to learn what was wrong, which companies were involved, what the FDA is doing/has done to help and what you should do.

Dog with Dog Food Allergy

Learn how to diagnose and treat a dog with a dog food allergy - from which dogs are most likely to suffer from them to identifying the problem foods to learning the best allergen-free foods.

Transitioning to a Natural Dog Food Diet

Introducing a natural dog food diet can create some alarming reactions in both your dog’s body and behavior. This is a good thing! We will help you understand and overcome the transition process.

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